Readers transform books from objects to energy through the leaps, connections, moods and associations. But aside from a shared love of books, no two readers are alike. 🤓

There are people stick to one genre while others spread the love. A lot of people are faithful to physical books but there are some who love e-readers. Some are those who skim the books and others who underline their favorite quotes. The bottom line is, there are certain different types of readers all around us. 📚👓

While each reader is unique, most people can be categorized as one of the following 8 common book reader types!

1.Finishes too soon.

2.The book collector.

3.The borrower (borrows a book but never returns).

4.Lives in the bookshop/library.

5.Takes forever to choose a book.

6.Never completes (but still buys more books).

7. Buys only for the pretty cover.

8.Bookworm- Reads 24/7

Comment which type of reader you are and share it with your reader friends here too!😃📚