The Addiction: Part One
The letter carried brief instructions: 'Meet me at the corner of the street', it read. But who was it from? Anyways Rahul decided to go there while exercising caution. It was evening. He grabbed some snacks and then got ready. Then he started walking casually towards the corner.

Hardly did it take him a few minutes. But he could not find anyone. Suddenly he heard from behind "Rahul". He turned around and saw a man around 6 feet talk standing there. His face was covered up and he gave Rahul a package. "Open this package only when you reach home and also tell Amrita about this. This will help you in your endeavor." Saying this the man went away. Rahul thought who the man is and what's there in the package. Nevertheless he went back home with that.

He opened the package and found two cd drives there. On one it was written "watch this first" and on the other "watch this after the first". Rahul did as was written. In the first video it was seen that a car came and parked on an empty road. Out of it came some masked people. They entered an empty building and the video ended.

In the second video, the masked men were seen emerging out of another building but this time they carried a heavy sack and put it inside another car and drove away. But this was not the car of the first video.

Rahul was confused and could not make anything out of it. So he called Amrita and told her about this incident. Amrita agreed to visit him then.

Amrita watched the two videos and asked Rahul "can you make anything about the location where these video were shot?" Rahul said "no I cannot make anything out of these". Amrita told him "these videos will help us in starting investigating into the mystery". Rahul seemed surprised and asked her "what are you talking about?". Amrita told him "look carefully the old building where the masked people entered is located just behind Madhubanti's house and the house from which they emerged is in front of Madhubanti's house." Rahul while nodding suddenly noticed the date on the recording and it was the date when the beautiful long haired Madhubanti disappeared. He told Amrita "what do you think is there in that sack?".Amrita said "we should visit Madhubanti's house again. Note down the car numbers,it will come into help."

Note:Part 2 will come soon.But till then,what do you all think happened to Madhubanti?Was she in danger or was she upto something?Let me know in the comments section.