Am gonna dedicate this to the people who think history is boring,


History is not always about "dates" and "years" it's all about the emotions ,

it's all about about the honest and bold kings who unfolded the flag of war against barbaric foreigners who stood at the borders of Country to exploit our culture and our women,

it's all about the mothers who had cried for their beloved sons demise,

it's all about broken love between the teenagers who promised to meet after the war,

it's all about the sarrows of people who had not even able to found out the body of their loved ones for last rituals,

it's all about the traitors who trapped and killed their best friends for money,

it's all about the younger brothers who drawn the knife for avenge of their sisters murder and rape by the enemies,

it's all about the agony of women who were captured by enemy kingdoms and sold in markets as sex slaves,

it's all about the worst nightmares of small kids seeing their father killed and mother raped infront of their houses,

it's all about the struggles of villagers finding new places leaving their livelihood and beautiful homes and their memories,