Whistling moonlight
A quiet night and the wind was whistling through the woods. Emerald a high school student reporter was sitting in her mother's study room going through a couple of old newspapers. she was always done reading about the previous deaths and disappearances of common people.Her childhood friend Kenzie was was one of them who disappeared with no trace.
she stood up to get a bottle of water because the thoughts of of death had really dried up her throat.Nearly had she made two steps away from her seat, when she felt a cold breeze off wind prick her face like they were needles.
But wait I did not open the window she thought.
she was so frightened that Alex would not support her no more, she lean on the desk for support but not enough pencils. This frightened her more but somehow she managed to get a little strength to pick them up. she managed to pick two pencils when she had a whistling tune of old country song how far I used to sing to her.
Could it be him ?she thought
being a black belt karate champion she gain courage to go near the window to see who it could be. She saw a dark figure on the window sitting and whistling his heart out like he belonged there. She managed to find a voice but it didn't come out the way she expected.
Who are you? she asked politely instead of angrily.
The figure turned and looked at her carefully by the end of the moonlight.
She was thick, her hips round, how was so small and half face chocolate brown and very smooth with no zit, her boobs with sharp pointed through her shirt.
I believe she had no bra on
He he gave her a smirk and he tried to move forward but she stopped him.
Get from me she said but he just smiled and moved closer to her.
' Hey' he said wholesomely
Who are? she asked angrily
'Norman', my name is Norman.
He came into the light and he was one hell of a man.He was tall ,dark skinned, my muscular and had a sweet fragrance, his hair was in a dreadlock form with white threads Crossing each other on the strings of hair.
And you must be Emerald a student reporter at Evermore high school .
How do you know? she asked. Then remembered that she has won Awards for the best student reporter in all the past years.
I know you are scared but I won't hurt you, I promise, I'm actually here to protect you. Norman said gently.
Protect me from what, she interrupted.
I can't actually tell you but something is definitely wrong here. I know you can feel it too. some sense of understanding climbed her brain.
Why are you really helping me, she asked.But didn't get any reply for he had disappeared .
How strange she thought. She left the room and went to her bedroom
The next evening she had someone call out moonlight in the woods, she wondered who it could be because she has no immediate neighbor close by. She she ran down and into the woods.
Norman was coming from the the bathroom.He lived in the woods, he had his cabin made of mahogany. No one but his parents and siblings knew he lived there. He got dressed I left his cabin, he was going to visit Emerald.
He not on the door but no one responded so he let himself in. He went over in the house calling her name but no response. On hearing moonlight being called he knew she was in a butthole of trouble.
Well well well a voice record through the woods, look at what we have here, a pretty very yummy and sweet human, those curves are damn gorgeous.
Norman attacked one but didn't stop him from alerting others. One came and adopt Emerald from behind and she was now panicking.
Who are these people ? she wondered she had a continuous ring but wondered where it came from.
She woke up frightened and still had this ringing.After sometime she found out it's the alarm ringing, it was all a dream.
Can you turn that thing off yelled a little brother who had come to call her down for breakfast.
It's 7:40, oh my God I'm so freaking late for practice.