Family,Horror and drama
After Perry and Chrissy went home to their family,Susan came home to her mother.
Susan:Good evening mom
Dona:Good evening baby
Susan went up to her room for some rest then she then realized her father wasn't home,She went back downstairs to ask her mom where dad is,Her mother said he went out for some business.Dona started cooking dinner for her daughter and husband.
let's get Back to the Lockwood family..
Officer blackwood and Officer Jones came to the Lockwood home asking them alot of questions about a dead body.
Officer Jones:Did you see or heard anything Mr and Mrs Lockwood?
Mrs Lockwood:No we didn't but if we did I'm sure you'll knew by now because we are a very trustworthy family.
Hakeem came home wondering why the cops are here.
Hakeem:Hey mom,hey dad what's going on and Why the cops are here ?
Officer blackwood:There was a murder in the wood earlier and were just going around asking everyone if they saw or heard anything.
Perry/Mr lockwood: What happened exactly officers?
Officer Jones:Well,it seems to be a bear or something we are not sure as yet and thats why we're here asking questions.
Mr lockwood:Is there any prove or any pictures of the victim?
Officer blackwood took out his phone to showed mr lockwood the dead victim,Mr lockwood and Mrs Lockwood saw a dead man with a lot of marks on his body they looked at each other as soon as they saw the photo,Officer jones realized that they looked shocked as if they knew something.
Officer Jones:Why did you looked at your husband like that Mrs Lockwood?
Mr locked got very upset and said "Can't a wife looked at her husband again ? I think y'all better go,Now".
Mr blackwood put his fingers on his gun holster while using the other hand backing them off.
Mr blackwood:Calm down Mr lockwood,theres no need to get upset. "we will be back Mr lockwood" police officer said while heading out the Lockwood's home.
Mr lockwood got so ignorant then turned to Hakeem,Kurt,Sky and Ashina,As soon as he ask who the fuck did this,His brother Derrick came in happy.
Derrick Lockwood:Hello my brother,Guess who's back
Mr lockwood:You? What the fuck are you doing here ain't you supposed to be in Jamaica or China?
Derrick:Why? ain't I allowed here no more brother?
Mrs Lockwood looked at derrick then looked at her husband as if she's commutation through her mind with her husband.
Mrs Lockwood:For the pass years we've been here and we never killed but as soon as your here someone died,Are you crazy Derrick? did you knew the cops was just here asking alot of questions.
Derrick:Yes I knew,I actually watched them until they gotten into the car and drove away before I came here.
Kurt Lockwood:You really need to go uncle derrick
Derrick:Look at little Kurt should I be scared?
Ashina:You might not be afraid of him but you should be afraid of me.
Derrick:Sky are you gonna make her talk to your favorite uncle like that ? because you knew I was here for few days now.
Sky:You snitch
Mr lockwood:What you knew he was here and you didn't told me or your mother? I'm very disappointed
Sky:This is why I didn't told you,I didn't you'll react like this and got upset plus I knew you and uncle derrick could gree so I hid it away from y'all.
Mrs Lockwood:Ok everyone, tomorrow we're gonna have dinner over our neighborhood home,She invited us but you derrick you won't come along with us,I don't want you killing these people.
Ashina:Are these people humans?
Mrs Lockwood:Yes yes they are but we're just going so no one suspects anything from us.
Mr lockwood:And I believe y'all and her daughter going to the same school
Ashina:I hope it's not the new girl at our school what's her name again Hakeem? since y'all been flirting around the school
Hakeem:Her name is Susan and why don't you like her ? you liked Amanda and she's human also
Ashina:She's just different and something werid about her
Hakeem:Well she was reading about werewolves and werewolves hunters so guess she's a freak or nerd huh
They're mom shouted "Ashina and Hakeem y'all just shut the fuck up and so fed up of y'all arguing about these human beings.
Derrick:Hey hey don't you ever talked to my niece and nephew like that again you hear me Chrissy and don't forget that it was the human beings who killed your parents, grandparents and mines as well.
Will be continued at Susan's home!

© Annastacia smith