Zina is not Love.
Zina or having sex before Nikah is something that shakes up every inch of your character and if you say. It's love than you have no ability to flourish the life that should be go forward to cherish a family and putting up the hard yards because true love happen to be after Nikah. Follow the righteous way in which Allah has laid this order and sex is not bad rather it is love and it is a blessing Allah SWT allows you to have your generation but when someone committed to Zina, Sex before Nikah. It becomes a very, very shameful sin and even some people would look to push down that topic by stating it is a modern world so Allah SWT. He won't spare even a second to squeeze or sabotage us if we didn't stop. So don't get captured into everything as love because some of the things only should rose after Nikah because it's than turned into a right and it's a soft feeling.