HEARTLESS LOVE [ part - 2]
Next morning. Angela wake up and get fresh and everyone come downstairs to have their breakfast but v was still not there but than he suddenly came downstairs.

miss.rachel - Good morning v did you sleep well.
v - umm yea!

v sit on chair.

miss.olivia- but v you look a little tired.
v - oh Actually i was completing a file at night that's why.
miss.olivia - you should take care of yourself.
v - yea!

after breakfast v goes out the house and goes towards his car when someone call him.

angela - v - v stop.

v turn around and saw angela. Angela stand straight in front of v and said.

angela - Actually you forgot your phone on dining table.

angela give v his phone.

v - thanks.

v was about to leave but angela again stop him and said.

angela - wait can we be friends?
v - i don't think so.
angela - but why.
v - i just don't want.

and v left from there. its evening 6: 40 angela reach home from college and get fresh and v also came and get fresh too and than everyone had their dinner and just sleep.
next day its sunday so today is Angela's holiday and v also don't go to office today. miss.rachel and miss.olivia has goes on shopping and Angela's dad and v's dad goes somewhere out because of business. angela was getting bored so she call her bestie at home her name is lavanda. Lavanda reach Angela's house and they both are talking.

lavanda - angela you were telling me about a boy his name was v i guess should we go and meet him.
angela - no he is so rude.
lavanda - why do you think like that?
angela - yesterday i ask him if i can be his friend but he decline like there was not ever any reason of saying no and his words were so harass too.
lavanda - but please Atleast can i meet him.
Angela - you will be guilty meeting him.

angela and lavanda goes in v's room and angela knock the door and v said come in they both goes inside v was doing work on laptop on bed v look at angela and than lavanda. Lavanda goes to v and said.

lavanda - hi! v oppa am lavanda Angela's friend.

lavanda goes for a handshake.

[angela in mind]- he is so rude. he is not going to handshake.

but v handshake with lavanda angela was so shocked cause when she try to handshake with him he literally ignored her.

V - nice to meet you lavanda.
lavanda- oppa are you busy or something.
V - not really.
lavanda - than its perfect if you don't mind than can we talk a little.
V - why not. sit

lavanda sit on cough next to v but angela was still standing on door.

V - well, Angela just came and sit too or get out cause i hate people staring me.

angela sit next to lavanda.

v - What's your age?
lavanda- 18.
v - ok.
lavanda- but why were you asking.
v - just to know if you have minimum age to be my girlfriend.
lavanda- nice joke.
[v smile]
V - do you have a boyfriend?
lavanda- not really.
v - than i have a chance.
[lavanda blush]
angela- are you guys done? [angrly]
lavanda- no not yet.
angela - but we have to go.
lavanda- oh i don't want to go anywhere. v oppa do u have girlfriend?
v - no.
lavanda- i can't belive you are so handsome and sweet and you don't have a girlfriend.
v - i am not in these stuff Actually.
lavanda- oh ok.
v - but if you want than i can be in these stuff if you will be girlfriend.
lavanda- v oppa please stop now.
v - ok ok fine.

suddenly angela hold lavanda arm and said.

angela - talk to her later we have some work.

and angela dragged lavanda outside and take her to her room and lavanda said.

lavanda - why did u dragged me here.
angela - lavanda u are my friend or his why u keep talking to him.
lavanda- cause he is so sweet. Do u see the way he was talking to me.
angela - he's not like that he is rude
lavanda - no he is not why do u think like that.
angela - cause he is so rude to me.
lavanda - mabe he just dont like u.
angela - what do you mean by that.
lavanda- nothing i guess he just like me.
angela - i really don't think so.
lavanda- whatever.

suddenly lavanda 's phone ringed. She pick up the call and said ok. then cut the call and said to angela.

lavanda - angela my mom is calling me i will meet u later now am going bye.
angela - yea fine.
lavanda- heyyyy! am sorry my angela that i talk to v and ignored u i promise i will not do that again.
angela - promise.
lavanda- yea promise

angela smiled and hug her then lavanda left. After 10 min angela was sitting on cough in hall using her phone when v came downstairs and said.

v - did lavanda left.
angela - yea she did.
v - u should Probably call her and should tell her to came back.
angela - why are u missing her.
v - what! missing her why would i miss her.
angela- u should probably know that whatever its already 10 min since she left am not calling her now.
v - u will Regret this.
angela- why would i regret.
v - u will see.

and v left the house.
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