Revenge ( story part: 19)
Dylan wakes up in the morning and goes to meet Eun Sook's mom. Eun Sook's mom was sitting in a wheelchair, he went to her.

Dylan held Eun Sook's mom's hand. And said:

Dylan: (His eyes filled with tears) Aunty please forgive me... I didn't know my dad would be such a bad person. Who put you in this situation and killed Eun Sook's dad. I truly apologize on his behalf...please forgive me.
You might not know but I like Eun Sook. I thought everything would go well but the current situation...

(tears flow) I really don't know how to make eye contact with Eun Sook. If she finds out that I am the son of that bad man, I'm afraid she will hate me!
I have decided... And I will help Eun Sook.

Dylan then walks away from there, Eun Sook's mom tries to raise her paralyzed hands to stop Dylan. At the same time, she started moving her mouth slowly to say something to Dylan. But Dylan had left from there.

Eun Sook, Hualing and Kai all three go for breakfast. The three of them looked everywhere for Dylan but he was nowhere to be seen.

Kai started doubting whether he had gone to meet his dad!!

Dylan arrives at Rick's hiding place. Seeing Dylan coming, Rick's men went to him and informed Rick about Dylan's arrival.

Hearing this, Rick stood up and started walking towards Dylan, taking his gun.

Rick: Hey hey hey.... Have you come here to catch me or to kill me?

Dylan: Dad.....!

Hearing Dylan calling Rick dad, Rick's friends started looking at each other with suspicion.

Rick was also surprised to hear the word dad and asked, "What kind of way is this to trap me!!"

Dylan then shows Rick the picture...

Rick couldn't believe what he saw! He began to compare Dylan's face with the childhood photo again and again.

Dylan then tells the story of his mom and dad, which leaves Rick shocked and walks over to Dylan.

When he goes to put his hand on Dylan's face, he immediately moves his hand back thinking that this could be a trick.

Dylan surrenders himself and says, "Dad, I want to join your team!"

Dylan throws down his gun. Rick is happy to see this and goes and hugs his son Dylan.

In the camping area.....

Eun Sook: Where did he go after all?? (Dylan)

Kai: I think...... (Afraid to speak)

Hualing: What do you think ??? Tell us further!

Eun Sook: Kai are you hiding something from us?

Kai takes his eyes off from Eun Sook and Hualing. And hesitating to speak...

Due to Eun Sook and Hualing's stubbornness, Kai tells both the truth...

Eun sook and hualing: What ?? Dylan is the son of that scoundrel rick!!!!

Kai: You are right

Hearing this, Eun Sook cannot believe at all that Dylan is actually his son whom she hates so much.

Eun Sook: Dylan was his son. No wonder he didn't talk to me much yesterday!

Kai realizes that Eun Sook has misunderstood something about Dylan so he begins to understand.

Kai: Eun Sook It is true that Dylan is her son but he is not...

Eun Sook leaves from there without fully listening to Kai's words….

Kai: Eun sook.....!!!!!

To be continued

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