Mutual feelings but can't be together
Despite the fact that we cannot be together.

"I like you Ryan"
"No,this can't be"
"We cannot be together Miya....sorry.I like you too and more than like...But we're in different religion.Our religion prohibited to marry another religion or else.....my parents will abandoned me.Sorry."

I want to apologize either...for myself,for liking you,for knowing you.I want to tell myself that it's okay but it's also my fault.I didn't asked you before so I'll never be attached too hard.But is it my fault for liking,lovig someone who's different from me?

I guess not.Because you can't stop yourself but you can choose if you'll stay or leave.

"But can I continue my feelings for you even when it's not right?"

"Of course....cause I'm doing the same Miya."
He smiled.

That caught me off guard.

Staying with you is my choice.And I hope I'll never regret this.But like what they say.Take risk or lose a chance.

They can separate our body but not our hearts and soul.
© EmptyShadowriter