The interrogation
The room was dark and cold with its only light source being a tubelight .
In the middle of a room there was a table with two chairs with both of them being occupied by two individuals one having wavy blond hair with icicle blue eyes wearing a prisoner orange jumpsuit while the other has hair as black as the midnight with coal black eyes wearing a police uniform . The prisoner was was looking at cop smirking while the cop was staring back impassively at him.
"I will only ask you once why did you murder Mr Smith"? asks the cop.
The man looks up and smiles creepily and then says "Come on officer are you seriously asking me that why did I kill him.you disappoint me . well now that you already asked me the question let me humour you"As he stops midsentence and licks his dry lips he continues saying " I killed him becouse I enjoy the sight of blood . I enjoy spilling the blood of your so called innocents . I like to see in fear in their eyes when I am about to kill them . I like to hear their pleas of mercy , those pleas are like music to my ears . I like to see life leaving their eyes with an permanent horrified expression itched on their face when I kill them.I feel like I am the god since I am the one who decides their fate " says the prisoner before laughing like a madman.
"You think killing innocent people, destroying their families is just a game in which you will have fun you bastard "
says the cop angrily with venom in his tone.
"please officer you don't how fun it is.
It's even more better than hunting a wild animal in wild goose game" says the prisoner with a sick smile.
"because of people you there can be no peace in our society but only chaos , people live in fear because of you. says the police.
"please keep those morals till yourself I will get diabetes because of them". says the prisoner rolling his eyes before continuing" we criminals are your wife , your husband's without us what would you do huh? doing house chores of those so called innocents. we are the one who make your life interesting and thrilling officer" says the man laughing again.
"You should show some remorse for the life you have taken " says the cop.
The cop continues "You have a visitor today the wife of Mr Smith who wanted
to talk to you" says the cop before opening the entrance letting a women come in.
The women looked like she was in her late twenties with long blond hair going till her waist with skin as pale as a ivory and two beautiful emerald green colour eyes.But right now her eyes were red from crying.
The women sat in front of the of her husband murderer and looked up to him with her red puffy eyes.
she quietly almost like a whisper asked him " why my husband ? why did you kill him?
The prisoner smirks at her and says" damn your husband was lucky if he had a wife like you. I am so jealous of him now" he says and laughs.
But suddenly he stopped laughing when he felt someone grabbing his head and banging it on the table.
After shaking off his dizziness he sees the officer glaring angrily at him.
After that he turns back to the women and says"Do you want to know what were his last moments?well let me say it to you he was begging me to spare him
he was calling out your name,I tortured him making him beg for a fast and painless death but I gave him a slow and agonizing death , In his last moments he said your name as slowly the life left his eyes" says the psychopath before laughing insanely as the women After hearing it ran out of the room with freash tears coming running down her face as she heard the sound of laughing slowing down with every step she ran away.

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