Abused Again, by Auntie Abeke
Auntie Abeke was the nightmare of my childhood. Sadly, she used to be my favorite Aunt.

Auntie Abeke would make me sit on her soft bare ties, placing my hands on her full large breast with stretch marks and she'd fondle the little twin nipples growing on my lanky chest while kissing my neck and stroking my hair gently.

I would most times sob softly in pain, but she would softly say "act like a man and stop whining, enjoy it my baby boy."

Our amorous activities metamorphosed and transitioned into watching porn movies. This, soon became a continuous happening, again and again. I soon became a shadow of myself. Lonely, empty and timid.

Returning home after school became dreadful. I'd always wished she could stop or I could go away, and disappear.

My parents and siblings didn't notice anything as they were barely around. My parents were mostly away on business trips and meetings.

My body became Auntie Abeke's chosen play ground for pleasure. Having me laid on the big bed in her room, her hands would travel round my body, smooching and fondling my p*nis as she likes. It really hurts. I'd want to cry, many times but then remember how she says "big boys don't cry."

After each moment of pleasuring herself, she'd hold her ears with both hands, posing a grim look on her wrinkled face, and dish hard warnings.

"I hope you understand what just happened should not be heard by anyone, not mommy or even Tina (my big sis)"

"Yes ma", I'd manage to say with teary eyes. And she would ask me to loud it clearly to ascertain I understood her warning.

"And what would happen to you, if you tell?" she'd ask?

"I will be struck dead by thunder strike." I would respond in fear.

The thought of thunder strike and death scared me, Just like the scenes I had seen in Nollywood movies. Just like mama Chinwe who died weeks ago in a thunder strike while coming back from the market on a rainy evening.

Rumor has it she's was a witch. This made me kept mute to avoid same unfortunate fate.

This went on, until I began to suffer physically and mentally. My teacher had called my mom to report my lapses, poor academic grades and sleeping in class.

Yesterday, my sister had noticed some differences in my body and asked about my weight loss, and why I'd always hide in my room and barely spoke to anyone. She had been around through the weekend.

I was scared, couldn't say. I muttered words, and she asked I speak louder or she'd pounce on me.

Reluctantly, I said "auntie Abeke said if I tell anyone, thunder will strike me dead". She stood up in disbelief.

This is unbelievable. "you said what?" she asked with a stern face, screaming.

So, I explained what Auntie Abeke does to me at night and after school.

"last time, it was Auntie Laura before she got married, and Auntie Abeke has been doing it since she came to the house".

My sister dashed angrily into Auntie Abeke's room and began dishing her random dirty slaps asking her why she has been abusing me instead of looking out for me? She couldn't deny, but unapologetic.

My careless parents were called, they rushed home with police men, like they really cared and auntie Abeke was taking into custody.

"I hope she ends in prison".

Aftermath of everything, I'm undergoing therapy to heal.

Dear Twinkle-Toes,
I am writing, again ✍️

© jk