India, the lockdown is important

So, the Corona virus also known as COVID 19, which originated in Wuhan, China has become a pandemic and has affected almost all the countries in the world. All the countries are desperately looking for some solutions to stop the spread of this virus. The number of positive cases of this virus are increasing day by day. The number of cases are increasing rapidly in countries like USA and Italy despite the fact that these countries have one of the best healthcare systems in the world. The Corona virus gets transmitted when we come in contact with someone who has already been affected by this virus. So far, thousands of people have died and millions of people have been tested positive for this virus.

As of now, the only way to stop the spread of this virus is by maintaining social distance. The politicians, celebrities, sportsmen and renowned personalities all around the world have urged people to maintain social distance by not stepping out of their homes.

India is no different. On 22nd March, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi had requested people to observe a 'Janta curfew' from 7 am to 9 pm and to acknowledge the services of all the doctors, policemen, airport authorities, delivery people and all other people who provide essential services during these difficult times,he requested people to appreciate them by clapping their hands or by clanging metal vessels for 5 mintues from their homes at 5 pm.

But it looked like some people had other thoughts in their mind. As the clock struck 5, the people in some cities came out in large numbers to 'celebrate' this 'ocassion' as if India has won the World Cup. This was the case in cities like Indore, Pune and in some areas of UP and Karnataka. In Gujarat, people were actually doing Garba in the streets!!!! And then the Prime Minister announced that the country will be under lockdown for 21 days starting from 24th March till 14th April.

Still some people found it difficult to take this lockdown seriously and started gathering in large numbers at some places. All of this leads to just one question: "Why are people not taking the Corona virus and the lockdown seriously?"

The answer is Entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. India is a country where entertainment is the top priority for the people and because of this lockdown, people are deprived of entertainment. No movies running in theatres, no sports event taking place in the world, no hangouts in weekends are the reason why people are finding it hard to entertain themselves by staying at their homes. Also, because of all the 'remedies' which they get from WhatsApp, they think that the Corona virus is not a big deal for them. As the people who have been affected by this virus are mostly senior citizens, youngsters think that they have strong immunity due to which they will not get the virus and so, they step out of their homes to play cricket or football with their friends.

Its high time people realise the importance of the effects of the Corona virus and the subsequent lockdown of the country. Together we can stop the virus but here, 'together' means mainting social distance by staying in our respective homes.