The brave waitress
The waitress' eyes grew wide at the crumpled paper the woman had handed with the money.
"Help," it read.
When she looked up, the woman was gone...
"That's why she was continuously looking at me" the waitress said to herself. She started to search everywhere around her. There was no sign of the woman, neither the man who claimed to be her husband. the waitress immediately started to dial 911 for emergency. by the time the police reached the waitress was able to figure out where that women was going because the door keeper told them the direction they went to. the waitress immediately took some of the bodyguards with her and went on the same road with her car. within 5 minutes she met with the police and she took them with her. They came across an abandoned house. from inside the house one faint sound of a woman could be heard. the police immediately broke open the door and appointed their guns at the scene. the scene was a mess. the women's shirt was half torn revealing her bra and her skirt zipper was broken. the girls hair was a mess and she was crying for help. her hands were tied at her back and the man was about to open his belt. the police immediately fred the woman's hands and asked the waitress to help her cover herself. the man was put in front of the gun and recorder asking him what was his actual plan. the man started stuttering on his words at the later admitting that he was a rapist he has done this to a lot more than 20 women and this woman was his recent choice. the police later asked what he does to those girls? he very calmly replied that he plays with them like this for few weeks and once he is tired he kills them on spot using a knife. the police asked whether all the 20 girls are alive or not. the rapist almost immediately. informed that all 20 of them are alive. the police immediately took him under custody and the court sentenced him a lifetime prison giving all the girls and the woman justice. the waitress was awarded because of her bravery and also for her presence of mind and her power to make the right decision even in a chaos situation.
© Kim Arium