Beginning of an adventure
Write a short story using at least three from the five prompts given:
An empty suitcase full of memories.
The messages added salt to wounds.
The car accelerated before the signal turned green.
A wardrobe full of clothes that still had their tags on.
A dust free bookcase could hide a lot of lies.

"It's so boring, nothing changes. Same work life routine, things are monotonous."
It was one such evening, Ravi was resting at his house. It was Sunday evening and he was in his room, browsing through internet. His parents were in living room watching television.
It was normal life every Sunday as he had nothing much to do after his work and friends have been busy with family. Being in his 30s, single man, workaholic, he never had the chance to be on dates and his heart was not ready for arranged marriage and start his own family.
So, here he was sitting in front of laptop, browsing through You Tube.
" So, what should I search today? " Ravi wondered. " Lets try travel blogs and see beautiful locations."
It was one such blog of a woman visiting different countries. The joy and excitement of her narration captivated him.
" Ah, such a lucky person to be free and exploring world." Ravi sighed with envy. " And I have work to do tomorrow."

" What are you doing? Come out and have tea with us." Ravi's mother Rekha called him.
" Tea, I am coming. I was just watching some travel blogs. Those were great, even I was inspired" Ravi answered back.
" Then why don't you go out and travel." His father Shyam commented.
" It would be easy for you to say, but it cost money and I have my work too. " Ravi said.
" Then have a short trip to for a start." Rekha said, " Rather than watching them in screen."
" You know, may be I will" Ravi answer while thinking about it.

" Sir, I need to take casual leave for 7 days." Ravi asked his boss next day.
" Why? Is your marriage fixed. " Boss joked.
" No I would like to take a trip." Ravi ignored the jibe and asked casually.
" But you have so many work to do, 7 days is long." Boss questioned.
" I haven't taken much leave, and I really need it. " Ravi requested.
Boss finally allowed him and he planed for the trip. The first one to Andaman islands.

So, the day of travel came, and he started his packing.
As he opened the wardrobe, he could find all those new clothes he brought that he could try and it still had the tags on. Now he could use it.
He brought the empty suitcase from the store house, that was full of memories from his college days. Today it would be used. He booked a cab for the airport, and the car came to pick him up.
" Mom, Dad, I am leaving." Ravi called his parents before he left the house.
" Have a safe journey " Rekha blessed him.
" Have fun, have a great trip." His father said.

" Take me to airport, I have a flight in 2 hours. ." Ravi entered the car and told the driver.
So, the car took him to airport. But the road was a bit crowded, and he was getting late. He started to panic as they stopped over a traffic stop. The light was red, as the time slowly passed.
" Brother, can you make it fast, as we are getting late." Ravi requested to the driver.
" Sure I can, but it would cost more." Driver replied.
" No problem just make it fast. This is my first travel after a long time, I don't want to miss the flight."
" Then, be ready for an adventure. " driver laughed and pressed the accelerator and the car accelerated before the signal turned green.

" Yes, it's a beginning of an adventure" Ravi smiled.

© Dr. Manish Rout