Letter To My Ex
Dear Ex,

I was worried, maybe I was doing to much, maybe you needed to catch your breathe from us, maybe you were not use to stuffs like this and I totally understood hoping with time everything would fall in place.

Truth is I love deeply, I love with the core of my very being, I made sure you felt loved as much as I confessed it so I wouldn't sound like some random guy making a pass at you.

I asked you severally if you wanted this, if you wanted us, if I ever meant any to you, if loving me was comfortable for you, if I was worth fighting for, knowing fully well I would give sweat, tears and blood just to see us work. I made it easy for you to decide not minding how I felt, but you never said anything, you acted as if everything was all right but deep down you've always had a second thought about us.

You watched me suffer every damned day to make this work, to make us work, we made promises or so I thought, not knowing the promises you made was as empty as a basket filled with water, but I was blinded by the love I had for you, I paid deaf ears and blind eyes to all the signs that I was building mountain on a mole hill.

I never knew what a toxic parasitic relationship meant until I met you, until I realized you were gone already and I was only holding unto thin air.

Whatever it is that made you do this, I hope it's worth it, I hope it's worth more than how much I wanted you, how much I wanted us.

The few weeks we spent together were some of the best weeks of my life but shit happens and I must let go of what's not mine, what was never mine and hope the one for me finds me worthy.

I hope you have a nice Life.

© WillieWrites