It rained heavily at my place of work and this kept me at work till 6.46pm.
Since the rain was still drizzling, I had to pull my shoe, wear crocks, put my bag in a big nylon bag and cover my head with another nylon bag.

Getting to my area no single drop of rain. 😮
When I highlighted from the bus, you need to see your babe looking so odd from others with my big nylon bag in my hand and the wet one on my head. 🤣🤣🤣

The other happening was bigger than 'No gree for anybody'.

I joined a bus from Ring Road to my area.

The driver told the conductor to collect the fare from passengers before he highlights.
The conductor who hung by the door, collected the money from the passengers.

Afterwards, the driver said to the conductor, "Take your money 6,500naira".
The conductor stretched his hand and collected it.
I guess he was trying to count the money while he hung by the door.

Suddenly, we heard a loud bang on the bus and the conductor 'disappeared'!

Wetin! Wetin! Shouted the driver.

"Your conductor don enter hole!", was the response from persons outside.
The driver stopped the bus and passengers highlighted.

Behold we saw the conductor coming out from a hole that was by the road we just passed.
"Wetin happen?", Passengers asked
"Na my money fall inside the hole o.I jump enter carry my money", said the conductor.

What? This conductor is daring!, I thought.
He risk it all and entered a hole to find his money.
Thank God he found his money and he is fine.
Then we continued out journey.

Sincerely, if you were this conductor (who had worked from morning till evening and the money he was paid fell in a hole while the bus was in motion) what would you have done?
© Thebeezybee