Haldiram's, a household name in India and across 80+ countries, commenced its journey from humble beginnings as a small shop in Bikaner. The brand's unprecedented success owes much to the vision, dedication, and strategic acumen of three pivotal figures: Ganga Bishan Agarwal (Haldiram Ji), Shiv Kishan Agarwal, and Manohar Lal Agarwal, each contributing significantly to the brand's evolution.
The Foundation
The story begins in the year 1941 with Ganga Bishan Agarwal, opening up a small store in in the town of Bikaner in Rajasthan, India and started selling Besan Bhujia which was a popular snack in Bikaner. He had learnt cooking skills while working with his uncle who affectionately use to call him Haldi/ Haldiya (Haldi means turmeric in English used for skin bleaching in rural India) as he was very fair in colour, and slowly he came to be known by his nickname Haldi. So when he started his venture he named it Haldi Ram adding Ram to his nickname Haldi.
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Haldi Ram was a visionary; he understood business strategies like none else in his vicinity. He quickly realised that the Besan Bhujiya that he was selling is a commoditised product and he would never be able to scale up if he restricted himself to a commoditised product and started experimenting to make his bhujia distinct from other (product differentiation) His relentless pursuit led to innovative changes: using moth beans instead of gram flour for making bhujia . His vision transformed his business by crafting a unique product. His relentless pursuit led to innovative changes: using moth beans( Turkish gram) instead of gram flour for bhujia.