Hospital Horrors: 1.What happen to John
My watch chimes and every second seemed to be flying away so fast.I wanted to get at work for my night shift earlier but the traffic jam was so long i got fifteen minutes later.With only few patients who their condition seemed stable,I knew my shift was going to be a calm one.

I took a walk to the patients cubicles to familiarize with them,and all was well until i got into Johns cubicle.I ran back to alarm the blue code for emergency because his floor was covered with a pool of blood and he was lying on the floor semi conscious.

After freeing him from danger and stiching the open wound he got from the fall, we waited until he was conscious and he could explain the event that took place before he felt.

He was in the washroom washing his hands and the last thing he could remember was feeling so dizzy but couldn't remember anything else there after.

His story leaves me in awe even today because he was in a fair general state and even a planned discharge the following day. He didn't have any underlying medical condition which could make him fall and everytime I step in his room I see his ghost.Or something that haunted him.
© purity ndinda