Changes We Need
"Today is the worst day if my life", Helen yelled. She had missed her bus and she had to stand in the hot scorching sun,outside on the lawn of her house,to wait for the other bus.But anyone who knew her well enough, could tell that she wasn't upset about the bus. She didn't even like to ride the bus. She wasn't agitated by the fact that she missed her chance to ride with her friends, that's if she had any. Her short, chubby structure and her weird sense of fashion made it difficult to have any. Her timidity didn't make anything better either.
"Don't forget your lunch, baby",Mrs. Williams, Helen's mother, says walking out the door with her lunch box, and Sheila following behind her.
"Don't tell me you were about to leave your sister behind.",she continues.
"She's not my sister, you married her dad, there's a difference,mom" Helen says, sounding harsher she than intended.
"I'm not dying to be your sister anyway. ",Sheila articulated.
Helen and Sheila have been like this, arguing and fighting, ever since they met each other. Their parents got married a year ago and that added fuel to the fire. They had to attend the same school and even worse, live in the same house.
The bus arrived and they both left without saying a word to each other.

"So, who were the allies of the second world war",Mrs. Alexa, the strictest teacher in the entire school, asked her whole history class. She doesn't tolerate any kind of laziness. If she asked you a question and you didn't know the answer she would make you write her a letter explaining why you didn't know the answer and you will do this during detention after school. She also doesn't like to be the only one talking in the room, so when no one replies, she decides to call out one person to answer, and the person she chose was Helen.
Sheila looked behind when she heard Helen's name being called out and she could see from the confused look on Helen's face, that she didn't know the answer.
"I don't know ", Helen says,
"see me after class",was all Mrs Alexa said after. Mrs. Alexa was about to continue with her lesson and, someone says out loud,
"she doesn't even know the answer to that simple question,how stupid. "Sheila blurts out almost immediately, trying to tease Helen, leading everyone into a series of laughter.
"you too see me ",Mrs. Alexa said again,this time pointing to Sheila.
Helen just stared at Sheila, angry at what she did.

After that lesson was Helen's worse class of the day- gym. On every day, they were supposed to run around the soccer field, before they started the lesson. "This will build your metabolism," the gym instructor always says but today he added something else, "everyone will complete ten laps before I dismiss anyone." Helen knew she couldn't do it, in fact everyone on that field knew she couldn't run for that long.
They started running and everyone was done with their laps, excluding her. She was totally exhausted at this point. Everyone wanted to leave, they started saying things like 'stupid', 'idiot, move those heavy feet'and 'lazy old hag',and then laughing at her flaws.
"guys stop it, "Sheila shouted on top of the voices of insults, and all eyes turned to her direction. "she may not be as fast or as strong as you all, but she's not stupid, so back off"
There was pin-drop silence afterwards. Even though it took Helen more than twenty minutes to complete her rounds, no one complained.

After school during their detention. The two girls sat quietly in the empty room, writing their letters. Mrs. Alexa had gone out to fetch some markers.
"Why did do that? ",Helen asked, finally clearing it off her chest, and breaking the awkward silence between them. "I thought you hated me",she continued with a teary eye and a brittle voice.
"I don't hate you, ",Sheila responded.
"but,.. "
"I wouldn't be here if I hated you,and if you're thinking of what I said in history. I said that so you wouldn't feel lonely in here."
There was as second of silence and Sheila contined "I've always wanted a sister but when I found out that you didn't, I decided to play along, but now getting to know you better , I feel like you need a sister more than I do. "
"I'm sorry... for everything",Helen apologises, "I know I've been hard on you but I just don't want to lose my mother." at this moment, it felt as if they were the only two people on earth.
"so, sisters? Sheila asked
"Yes, sisters" Helen responded and they both laughed and spent recreate if their detention ,chatting and giggling about things that don't matter anymore.

Two weeks later,they both get dressed in an identical black and red dress and they head for the movies.
"Mom, well be back",Helen and Sheila shouted in unison, leaving their mom in awe as they walked through the door.