Hunger to be the 1
So, this story is basically about my best student, Rajan Malhotra, who wanted to be a martial artist. And in him, I always see my image. So first, when he came, I thought him to be common and treated like others. But, something in him was special, and that was his hardwork, and passion, and his will power. He always tries hard to be the number one. And there was lying the main problem. Because, somewhere in myself, a thought always striked me, which was that, if he becomes number 1, then people will forget me, and my image will fall down. So, one day, I thought, that I will never let him be the number 1. So I constantly, taught him, the old skills and moves. But 1 day, he came to me and said "Sir please help me out, I am trying to be the best, but I could not. I want to be like you. I want to spread your name all over the world. But somewhere my hardwork is missing. So please help me. Please put more pressure on me, so that I have to work more hard than earlier". Then, I understood, that
whatever I did, it was wrong. Then I apologized to him, and told everything. But that boy, just smiled and told, sir all these things are past. Let's think about our future. And, after lots of hardwork, and our devotion he has successfully reached the place of number one. And, to be honest, I feel proud for him, though he is number one

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