A Monsoon Love
I was enjoying my forever love during the monsoon afternoon riding my bike from my house to my hospital through the valley roads. Yes, my forever love,that's the cute rain drops on me,the way it kissed passionately every part of my body as if it missed me all throughout the year and was waiting for this day to take me in her arms. Every time it rains, I just go crazy humming songs while driving my royal Enfield classic 500 bike through those serpentine roads across the valley enjoying both the rain and the fresh aroma of mother earth that it brings along with it.

Humming the beautiful song from the movie half girlfriend....

" Yeh mausam ki baarish
Yeh baarish ka paani
Yeh paani ki boondein
Tujhe hi toh dhoondhe
Yeh milne ki khwahish
Yeh khwahish puraani
Ho poori tujhi se
Meri yeh kahaani"

The first rain of that year monsoon had touched me and I felt as if a budding bud just beginning to bloom under the love of rain. The esthetic beauty of nature, the chilling cold drops of rain evaporating as it touched my hot body really gave me a romantic feeling. I didn't stop my bike, I kept on moving through those pouring rain when suddenly I had to apply break ,which I hardly ever like to do specially while driving in rain. I did this because I heard someone shouting out loud," hey wait, don't go .the road ahead is blocked due to a major landslide."

The voice was quite loud even though the roaring thunder tried to drown it still I heard her voice. Yes, her ,it's a female voice. I looked towards her, I had blur view of her because of the pouring rain drops between her and me that acted like a barrier just like your girlfriend acts when there is a beautiful girl around you and her. I could see her hands that she waved underneath a broken thatched roof along side the road with few other people too waiting there for the rain to subside. I turned my bike and parked it near that resting place and ran into it.

Once inside, still I had a hazy view of her face as the viewing glass of my helmet still had got the rain drops on it. I wiped it off and removed my helmet to see a beautiful girl in her mid twenties wearing a white dress giving her an angelic look. A black bindi between her two eyebrows just added beauty to her beautiful face that got two blue eyes that stole my heart in the first sight. If love at first sight do happens then here I got an evidence of it. I fell for her beauty which rarely had happened to me till date. As soon as I removed my helmet she said," Are you mad, riding bike through this valley road under this stormy weather. Have you lost your sense,you know how fatal can it turn out to be?"

I wanted to tell her that I have really gone mad, mad for her beauty ,her voice just driving me crazy, how can I say miss you are the reason behind my madness. For few moment I stood watching her red wine tinged lips through which flooded those beautiful shrill voice. When I didn't reply her ,she waved het hands Infront of my eyes saying," Oye hello, are you deaf can't hear me or dumb that can't speak." and shook me by my shoulder. I came back to the world of reality from my land of imagination,while she said," hadn't you seen a girl before?"

I instantly said," No ,never, not a beautiful girl like you."

" What?"

" Nothing ",saying this I smiled at her with hiding my face behind my right palm. My reply did made me blush as well as her . Truly speaking anyone who will see her smiling,that person gonna fall in love with her bewitching smile with that cute dimple on her cheeks.

I looked around,there were four to five other people too smiling ,may be they heard me saying that to her. Next moment, she got me tea in a paper cup and said," Drink this,you will get rid of this cold weather and sorry we don't have milk, it's a black tea but I have added cardamom to it to give it a good flavour and taste too. You gonna love it ."

I took that cup from her hand and looking at her said " thanks", when suddenly my eyes fell on a wound at the left corner of her forehead. I asked her, " hey, you are bleeding , how did it happen"
She replied," it's nothing,I just crashed against a hard object ."

" Wait ,I will apply some ointment on it before you get infections.",saying this I took out my first aid box from my bag which I often carry with me while on a drive. She said," it's okay ,it ll clot soon ,nothing to worry."

I said," how can I see you bleeding after all I'm a medical student?"

" You should have come little earlier than"

" Why?",I questioned her back

" So that I won't have to go through so much pain till now."

" Better late than never,"

I than moved closer to her ,I can feel her hot breathe on my cold wet shirt just over my chest. I cleaned her wound with iodine solution ,I put a band aid on it and continued asking her ,"By the way what are you doing here? Is it your shop?"I asked her,that stupid question ,although from her dress she looks as if she belongs to a well to do family .

She laughed at me saying," why did you ask me this?"

I felt little bad for that question still I replied,"Ever since I got there, I am watching you making tea from that stove that is kept in that corner where that very old man is sitting and you were serving tea to everyone waiting here for the rain to stop."

" Why? ,don't I make good tea?" She asked me with a pale face.

" No no ,you make superb tea."

" Chal jhutte"

" Seriously, I am not lying ,you can ask anyone here who all had it ? All will agree to me that this tea is simply awesome." and I asked one man standing there," Sir, isn't this tea superb?"
And he replied," I had never drank such an amazing black tea , it's simple awesome."

" Look ,even this sir too loved it."

" Okay okay now just don't make me blush ,yes you were asking me what am I doing here. Actually I was going to the city to see my ailing mother in hospital. I am doing engineering in the other city. I got a call from my dad this afternoon about my mother's wish to see me ,so going to meet her while a landslide occured and the road got blocked . So waiting here for the road to get cleared . Since this old man can't see properly and was feeling cold ,I told him to sit while I am helping him out to earn something. In this way I can keep myself busy from the boredom of waiting here."

" Wow, what a beautiful heart you got along with a beautiful face, by the way what happened to you mom?"

As I asked her this question, tears flooded her eyes,her voice dropped and she said,"She is suffering from Blood cancer and getting treated . Her health is deteriorating since morning and she wanted to see me badly."

" Oh I'm really sorry , I didn't know that."

" It's okay, I am worried because I want to see her before anything worst happen. I also got prasad from a famous revered Kali Maa for her fast recovery. I want it to give it as soon as possible."

" Miss, You are not only a good human but also a great daughter too"

" Hey you are not missing a chance to admire me, you make me blush with every word of yours.?"
" You worth it, you are beautiful in every aspect."
The rain began to slow down, the road still didnt get cleared fully but only two wheelers could pass. So I told her ," why don't you come with me ,I am also from that same hospital and going there . I can give you lift in exchange of that cup of tasty tea."

She said," that's a great idea , I can get to my mom earlier too. But it's not in exchange of that tea because you need to pay this old man."

I laughed at her and said," yes yes I shall surely pay ." saying this I gave her a ten rupees note and she then collected money from everyone there and gave those in the hand of that old man. The old man blessed her on her head saying," long live dear, hope your life fills with all the happiness ."

Bidding the old man bye,we left in our bike. The girl told me to put that packet of prasad in my bag because she fears ,she may drop it on the way. I kept it in my bag and we started off. We hardly had gone some distance where we saw a massive landslide had occured few hours back while a huge crane busy in clearing the debris. An ambulance is standing,as a car has got stuck under the landslide. We both moved away without waiting there as it was getting dark and we need to clear the valley road as early as possible because of expected storm coming as warned by the weather forecast department.
While on our way, the girl said to me," you know,you are a good human being. The way you cared for my wound, I just got such a good vibe from you."

" Hey miss, this time you are making me blush, even you are so sweet and so generous you know.?"

Talking to each other we finally reached the hospital, as soon as I stopped my bike, she got down and ran towards the entrance of the hospital. I cried out from behind, " atleast tell your name miss?"

She turned back and smiling at me said," you will get to know it after a while ,Mr Rohit?"

And she ran into the hospital. I stood there with a surprising look on my face. How did she know my name? Then I remembered she might have seen the name engraved on my bike. I smiled at my foolishness when I suddenly remembered about that packet of prasad she gave me to put in my bag. I took it out and went inside towards the cancer ward. In the cancer ward I looked for that girl but she wasn't there, I asked the nurse about a blood cancer patient whose health is critical since morning and got to know that it's Mrs Nirmala Srivastava. I went to her cabin and knocked at the door ,hoping that the girl will come but when the door got opened, a man in his 50's opened it . I asked him,"Is this Mrs Nirmala Srivastava cabin ?"

He said ," yes ,she is my wife."

I asked him," please call your daughter, she had forgotten to take this Kali Maa prasad from me while coming here."

He looked surprised and asked me where is she?
I said to him that she already came here before me but he denied that she didn't come. I was totally shocked, how can it be possible while she came running inside the hospital little while ago. I gave him the packet and left the place saying him that if she comes,tell her that I had come here to deliver it,I asked the nurses working there whether they saw any girl coming there but everyone denied. I went to mentainance room to check the CCTV footage but there was no evidence of that girl coming inside the hospital.
While walking confused and surprising through the waiting hall of the hospital,my eyes fell on the news flashing on the television installed there, it reads a 24 year engineering student Miss Pihu Srivastava died due to a landslide on the valley road and due to untimely medical help she succumbed to the injuries. The video off the rescue operation was being shown where I found its the same girl whom I had brought to the hospital on my bike. Not a scratch can be seen on his face except that same wound on her forehead where I had applied that band aid.
My eyes turned teary while I recalled her saying me those words

"You should have come little earlier"