Long way home (scenario write .1)

The trees tower over us as you walk me home. The disembodied howls of the wind through the trees, and shoes hitting concrete filled the comfortable silence between us as we silently trudged along the sidewalk. The pavement was occasionally lit by street lights opposing the inky black sky. You didn’t say a word, and it was okay. Occasionally we’d pass under a streetlight which hollowly lit your face, and yet even still you seemed to radiate a warm glow despite color theory trying to mellow your energy.

Every now and then, I'd steal a glance at your figure in tranquil hopes you wouldn’t notice. I wanted to just turn to face you, and take a snapshot of the view you gave me, oblivious to the invisible camera sitting right beside you. The way the cool wind ruffled your clothes and short black hair, the way your sharp features were obscured by the shadows after every passing light, the way you’d nearly blend into the almost stygian background, punctuated by the subtle reflections of the silver jewelry you wore-I wanted to frame this moment from my perspective. And even then, you had yet to speak.

I'm not sure if I was waiting for words, or a gesture, or any sign of acknowledgement, but even in the comfortable silence sat a quiet emptiness. “Just say something-one thing at least” I thought. I didn’t want to break the already delicate silence that still stood, reverberating through the linky blackness. After a little while, I decided to steal another glance once again, only to be met with bistered-black eyes staring back.It felt like something fluttered in my stomach as we kept eye contact for a couple seconds, watching the corners of your mouth tug into a little smile before I broke my line of sight away from yours. It wasn’t much, but it felt like it was all I needed to fill that void of acknowledgement.

Once we reached my house, I led you up the sidewalk, listening to your footsteps stopping once I reached the brick porch. I turned to look back at you. The warm glow from the wide living room window casts a rutilant glow across your face, accentuating the warmth of your skin. And as I prepared to say my goodbyes, I suddenly found myself in a tight embrace, your arms pulling me into your chest as it felt like butterflies flared from my stomach to my arms and legs. We stood there like that for only a little while, yet the smell of your now worn-off cologne and the texture of your shirt and cold silver jewlery under your half-zipped hoodie printed into my mind. Letting go felt like unraveling the nearly physical emotional ties we held between each other that night. I wanted to pour my heart out on the pavement right there, but refrained. Stepping back, I could see a wider smile cast across your face, eyes lighting up in the yellowish glow.

I don’t even remember saying bye after that. I'm sure I did, but the world felt like a blur for a minute afterwards, like watercolor paint mixing all of what happened in the last half hour together into one big mass of slightly related events. The feeling finally felt acknowledged when my phone lit up, the only thing anchoring my mind to the ground, which was soaring high over earth, replaying our time together like a song. The shared laughs, smiles, comfortable silence, trees, lights, streets, cologne, polyester- it all seemed to flash across my mind’s eye all at once.

And on my phone screen sat a message from you, heart fluttering and emotions cescendoing like an orchestra of golden harps.
“Love you too”


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© Rynne