A love story
Do you believe that there's a love story planned for you? If you think so, share your thoughts in form of story with us.

I have been anxious for a while now. Lookin towards the clock hanging on the wall, to make sure that I was on time.

" Anothet 5 minutes, I have been early. It's alright, let me rehearse the things I am going to say" I thought while creating a fictional conversation with her.
It was first time someone showed some interest and even hint of an offline meeting rather than keeping it online for casual chatting.
I have never been someone to push for a meeting as I felt comfortable texting. Still, I too had a desire for a date once in a while. As I was not good as taking initiative, she gave hints for her desire to have an outing. I have to gather enough courage to invite her for a coffee. I was so happy that she accepted.
And here I am sitting inside the coffee shop, waiting for her to come. I have come here earlier with my friends few times, so I am comfortable with the place. I made plans for the ordering menu or place to sit, so as to have some privacy.
It'd 10 minutes past our meeting time, and I was getting worried.
"What if she did not come, or it's her idea of an elaborate joke.'
'No, she is such a nice person, took sincere efforts to reply and continue the conversations. I shouldn't doubt her, let me wait for another 10 minutes" I wondered.
" Hey hi, Akash! " Someone called from behind.
" Oh, Hi Neha, Good evening." I replied while guiding her towards the chair near me. "Come take a seat"
She gently shifted the chair and took here seat. I too followed her and returned back to mine.
" Sorry for the delay. I was stuck in the traffic." She said in her sweet voice, smiling at me. She looked so pretty when she smiles, much more than her display pictures.
"It'd alright, I too arrived few minutes ago." I tried to reduce her concerns. " Would you like something to drink?"
"Whatever you like, I am okay with anything hot" She casually answered, giving her infectious smile.
" Then I would be ordering 2 capachino as I mostly order them" I told her as I called the waiter for the same.

After ordering it along with some snacks, I went back to my seat. But there was some moment of silence, which was making things a bit awkward. It was my first time inviting someone for a date and I had no idea of how to proceed.
" You don't have to get too much serious. Let just talk naturally, tell me more about you." She suggested as she was aware of my nervousness.
" We have chatted a lot online, you do know about me. What do you want to know?" I answered, with a sigh of relief for her initiating.
The waiter came with our coffee and we took some moment for putting the sugar and mixing the same.
She took the pause to think while I waited for her reply. After taking a sip from her coffee, she shifted a strand of her hair to the side, looked seriously to my eyes and softly whispered;
" Well, then talk love. Let's move straight to the point. You are one of the nicest man I have met online and you are so handsome."
I was taken aback by her complement. I wanted to be the first to express my admiration of her beauty, and intellect. But I was a shy person, always worrying to offend someone or get embarrassed. I was elated yet felt ashamed.
" Thanks, but you are one of the prettiest and sweetest girl I have met. Sorry, I should have told you earlier." I exclaimed. " I also wanted to talk more with you, but first we need to be comfortable with each other. And if you are willing, would you date me?" I proposed awkwardly.
" Can you ask for it again, only the dating part" She uttered in an earnestly request.
"Dear Neha, would you like to date me?" I asked her again with my sincere voice.
"Yes, I would love to!!" She beamed.

© Dr. Manish Rout