Beyond My imagination
Beyond Me
my name is Mary,I was born into a wealthy family.
One thing I never liked was to get married,I hate that word (marriage)
I grew up to a certain age where I was old enough to get married.
Well that wasn't my parents problem at all,they believe that only i can make decisions now on my myself.
One beautiful Saturday morning a cute, handsome and wealthy guy approached me and taked about relationship which I didn't allow him to finish before interrupting him,so i immediately told him that I'm not interested.
Also I have this friend of mine who is named Miriam.
Miriam is a tall and dark lady full of beauty.
Months later, another guy approached me again this time Miriam was with me and my No is always my No, so the guy kept on begging me to accept him and surprisingly I heard she said No nah, Miriam said.
So we both left the guy there and went to work,so I packed my car outside the gate while Miriam packed hers in the garage.
Now we are in our different department working when I overheard Miriam saying is the work done perfectly?,as if she was talking to someone on her phone.
Two hours later,my dad called me to come pick him from Abuja which I speedingly rushed out of the office with excitement not knowing that Miriam had told her mechanic to remove the break from my car because she was jealous that I'm the only that sees suitors like sand.
I entered my car and drove away reaching a supermarket I tried to stop the car but it didn't stop rather it was just moving without control.
I shouted my voice out but no one was able to help me,so I dial my dad's number and told him what I'm going through, that alone didn't help the matter,the only thing my dad asked me was where exactly are you? and I told him I don't know.
After some hours I was hit down by a big tree and the car tumbled and fell me near a cave in a forest.
Everyone searched for me and thank God they found me unconscious, they rushed me to the hospital and the doctor told them that was I'm already dead which wasn't a lie,I died.
I was taken to the mutuary, after 3days in the mutuary I heard my name 3timesbsaying get up for I'm not done with you yet and I sneezed.I got up and saw myself among the dead which made me scared that I had to run outside and fortune for me I saw the mutuary attendant relaxing at his door post.I called him for help but at first he was asking me to go back and relax that my people are coming to bury after all my efforts God help me and he belived me .
I asked him for his phone and he gave it to me which I called my dad to come to the mutuary where they dropped me .
Hours later my parents came and they took me to the hospital for proper checkup because I had bruises all through my body but what shocked me was that I didn't feel anything.
Finally I got home and explained everything to my parents of which they sacked Miriam.
One Friday night around 6pm I was praying and thanking God for His intervention and behold I started blasting in tongues not knowing what I was saying,I was praying for hours and it was doing me like non stop.
On the second day I asked God for the power of Healing and He granted my request indeed God wasn't done with me.
Today I have sustain that power in me and I keep on asking God to draw me closer to Him to do His wondrous Works.
I Mary Michael is happily married to my Godsent husband.