Dream in another Planet
It was the last two months of year 2023 when I had this unusual dream. As usual, I always crave to watch something unique and cool movies to free my mind from thinking about the things I need to comply in university. On that week, I didn't got the chance to watch movies so I don't really know where I get my dream that day night.

In my dream, I was in an open stadium together with the people who wears white and red t-shirt, though I really don't know what does that color mean. Also, if I remember it correctly, I am part of the group who's wearing a white shirt. Then suddenly, I heard a voice saying that we need to leave and go to another place where there's no one will hunt us.

A group of people went to a white van and vanish, even the one that didn't get in the van. After we vanished in that stadium, we landed in a dessert place but has a weird wild storm. It was so weird, honestly because aside from that weird storm in a dessert, there's a lot of houses and buildings that were abandoned. Come to think of it, a modern building and house in a dessert? Nah, I really have a crazy dream. According to the voice I heard that I have mentioned before (The voice that I've been hearing is from a man that I don't really know), it's a planet that got abandoned by the people because of the weird storm that killed a lot of people. According to him, we will stay in that planet temporarily.

Fast forward in my dream, a group of people volunteered to find food and as someone who is also hungry that time, I joined them. We saw a car that is also abandoned yet still looks new. We drove it. As minutes passes by, we got shocked because of a sudden sand storm that leads us to a place where we didn't expect. A place where a lot of tall and made from a glass buildings, people who were having fun in that place that shocked us. Some of them looked at us, eyed from head to toe as if we look like an alien to them.

That is the end of my dream but if you'll going to ask if that was really the end of my dream, I can say that it is not. I just forgot the last part of my dream, lol. I still can't forget that weird dream of mine that's why until now, I remember it because I want an answer. Anyway, it's nice to share my weird dream to everyone. You should look forward for my other dreams to share haha!

© Danielala