Darkness arise
It's about to happen   again? What a pain.
I better find shelter before it's too late! My car ran out of fuel, I had to walk as a result and now this??
It's approaching really quickly too!

FIND Something, GUD DAMMIT!"

OH! Finally. A house!
(thankfully the gates were opened. I was able to get in the front yard while it hunted me down. Reaching the shut door, I decided to just kick it down. Collapsing on the ground, my eyes darted everywhere. Hoping, I don't see them, the dark hands.  My whole body suddenly stopped shaking, and my heart rate slowed down, showing me that there is nothing I should be afraid of. I was in the "safe zone." ) Family, friends all taken by this monster! Leaving me all alone in this nightmare.
"Why am I continuously trying to play this game, huh? What is in it for me other than more suffering and desperation?"
It will be like this until 1hr has passed. Should I just go outside of the house and into the darkness, I mean there is nothing anymore to live for. Everyone I knew is gone. Are people even out there living beside me.
(going towards the door with no grates, I took one last inhale and an exhale. Right when I was about to cross the door frame,
I heard a voice behind me:
"Hey mister, where are you going?")

© m. k