I am so beautiful!
I Know that people are so used to filters and make-up - that’s why someone would try to clown me by saying I’m getting old because I have “wrinkles”. lol.
I’m 30+, I have laugh lines. it's called "nasolabial folds" How's that a problem?
Fuck!, so long as i look good in the mirror i don't give a damn what anyone or their iphone camera has got to say.
For most of my life, I've always had to do EXTRA.
I am doing everything from the scratch, no support, just blood, sweat and grit!
I work my ass all day, and at night… doing extra; and still look this fine and young. Nobody in the world can make me feel bad about my looks, even at my lowest. plus make up isn't even real.
Bruh, face card hasn’t declined since I was like 5.
Plus I'm the youngest 30+ man I know. forget the shitty filters and all, in reality people still argue if I'm 23 or less?
Here's to everyone who the system and shiity folks crticise just because they think wrinkles and laugh lines make you old, no it doesn't, it enhances your beauty, smiles, laughter, lightens you you and brightens your facecard.😆
I’m 30+ and people swear I’m a teenager or early 20s. They ask me how? And I go easy…I drink a ton of water 😂
Lately, my latest flex is when I casually drop the when 'I turned 30' line in conversations and I see people's shocked faces. It used to bother me that I've always looked 8-10 years younger than my age but I rock it now. I don't care!

Dear Soni,
I'm growing younger.
I'm writing, again ✍️

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