Revenge (story part: 8)
Eun sook asked her dad did mom not come with you. xiang shakes his head and says no she didn't come with me. Eun-sook gets sad after hearing this.

Xiang said, "Your mom didn't want to see you go, so she didn't come. I know why you want to go there, we both know you're going there to look for your mom.
chun it is true that me and your mom Ai ling are not your real mom dad, and neither we can replace your real parents.
But we both raised you like our own child, so when you come back here our door will always be open for you.
Me and your mom will wait for your return. ( smiles with teary eyes )

Eun-sook: Dad.... (cries) I promise you that I will definitely come back to both of you.

Eun-sook dad nods.... and said," me and your mom will wait for you."

Eun-sook's dad leaves, and Eun-sook returns to her room with a sad face. Hualing asked did your mom dad come to visit you ? Eun sook nodded...
Eun sook said I really consider myself a lucky girl. The are not my real mom dad but after living with them for so many years I never felt that I am living with some unknown people.

Hualing said that she also thinks that Eun Sook is lucky in this matter.

All the army went and sat in the bus. And they are all set to go to Korea. Hualing and Eun sook are sitting together. Dylan and kai are sitting together but Dylan wants to go and sit next to Eun-sook. So he sees in every way how he will go and sit next to Eun sook.

Kai notices Dylan and asks what happened to you? Dylan said I'm fine.
Hualing and Eun Sook laugh out loud. Dylan gets up from his seat, and puts his hand on Eun-sook's seat and said:

Dylan: Would you both stop laughing out loud !! By the way, on what were you both laughing so much?

Eun-sook: do you want to know??

Dylan says yes with a huge expectation. But Eun Sook teasingly said, "We were both laughing while talking about you."

Dylan: about me ?? ( looks at kai but Kai ignores his contect with Dylan ) yah!!! You also started making fun of me along with these two girls? Don't forget that your my best friend, not of these two girls.

Seeing this, both the girls start laughing. And Kai's eyes go to Eun Sook, who is laughing out loud. And he starts looking at Eun Sook continuously without blinking an eye. And slowly smiles.

Hualing looked at Kai smiling and realized that Kai was looking directly at Eun Sook. Hualing saw a different happiness in kai's eyes.

Hualing stops laughing and she turns around. Eun sook asked what happened to you? Hualing smiled and said, "No, nothing."

It was night and the bus stopped in a big empty field. And all the army came out of the bus and started having their dinner. After taking some fresh air, everyone climbed inside the bus. Dylan hurriedly went and sat next to Eun Sook.

Eun sook was surprised and said, "Dylan this is Hualing's seat."

Dylan: Is her name written on the seat? I came and sat down first, now I am not going to get up.

Hualing and Kai gets inside the bus and saw Dylan sitting next to Eun Sook, she got confused that where will she sit now?

Kai said to Hualing, "Let it be, he will not get up from there now. You sit with me." Hualing gets happy hearing this and goes and sits with Kai.

To be continued

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