It's time to Write Again Dear Writco.
Hello Guys,
I was absent for some days because of family trouble studies, and my old account problems.
Cuneiform will not come because you know it was a type of vague. When I put my phone on charging in the morning I thought I had to take a stroll outside but when I went outside my room I saw my phone was fallen it had some scratch on the upper side. That is why all problems started. When I checked my phone it was switched off it was already running slowly. If I'll tell you all the truth is bitter you would not believe Cuneiform Script was the pen name I hide it because my parents refused to tell strangers my real name. You all know how the writer's hidden identity is important If I couldn't do it will not create intrust in writing. But, my dear friends it is important to show emotions in writing. I'm not perfect, at writing but I'm still trying to write something new. At the end of March 27 this year my Stingy American aunt had come to India I mean she was born in India and settled in America she lives in America with her husband and her younger children. She gives us nothing special to us she behaves like she was an alien. And she went back to America on June 14. She gives coffee cream, and Dry fruits and brought me from the market Nightdress and my mother a Special dress. When she was going from there it was twilight. She was giving me a broken old phone I feel embarrassed myself If we are living in India that doesn't mean we are in living in worse conditions. I thought to myself, no one has given me the best phone my relatives are Stingy. As a further note, I will try to write again my dear friends. So my brother gives me a new phone. So, I'm back again I'll write again I'm ready to write but I'll write on Sunday because from now on I've to go to school and do some studies. Thanks, Writco friends thanks for giving me all the support.

Yours respectively,

© Calen Duluth.



© Calen Duluth.