Money fantasy dream
Paula walked into a bar and said to her friend Kylie “ya know I really need a sugar daddy” Kylie laughed a bit “girl you crazy at least we’ll be matching but my cousin knows this 61 year old man he said he’s very famous and rich” paula drinks her tequila “you don’t mean the one and only karate kid himself ralph macchio” Kylie chuckled “yep his second job is a sugar daddy” paula shocked “what? since when” Kylie drinks her tequila “well he wanted to try something new in her life acting is of course his number one property he’s still new to this sugar daddy industry thing you want me to hook ya up now” Paula nodded immediately “ya crazy bitch yess!!” Kylie grinned “I knew you would say that” as she send ralph’s contact information Kylie chuckled a bit “yo I can tell ya right now you would keep this man forever no doubt” paula said sarcastically “what gave it away” kylie rolled her eyes playfully “I can tell by yo body language yo ass think he’s hot” paula narrowed her eyes “and plus he’ll be my sugar daddy so” she sticks her tongue out “ayeee” Kylie chuckles shaking her head “you crazy ma” she then says “okay so ralph said he’s gonna meet you here” paula tilted her head a bit “you already set us up to meet?” Kylie waved her hand “girl you look good don’t worry he wanna meet you just as bad as you wanna meet him” suddenly Kylie saw him entering the door with his fancy black tux ralph smiled at her and waved she did the same paula turned around checking him out “holy fuck the dude never age” Kylie laughs “I know I wonder what’s the secret” paula smirked as she turned back to Kylie, her eyes roaming over Ralph's elegant figure he approached them “hey ladies” Kylie smiled “hey ralph” he focused on paula “and you must be paula she told me about you but she never mentioned how pretty you are” as he kisses her hand “yeah I still got it” he thought paula squealed in excitement in her mind “thank you you look handsome yourself” kylie caught off guard “welp ima leave so y’all sugars be alone” as she left ralph licked his lips checking paula out “so can i buy you a drink Chardonnay, Hennessy you name it I’ll pay” paula bit her lip slightly looking at the choices “I want brandy” ralph giggled slightly “ooh fancy i gotcha sweetheart” he signaled the bartender, staring at Paula intently as he ordered a glass of brandy for them they each cling their glasses and paula said “to you for being a new sugar daddy” ralph laughed and then he said “okay here’s the deal I’ll give you $30k for every allowance a week and then I’ll give you a raise much higher a year” paula got her jaw dropping “are you serious?” ralph touches her chin closed her jaw “of course with your beauty it’ll worth more” paula winked “we definitely be a perfect fit for each other” ralph winked back as Paula implied “should we get outta here” he shrugged “if you want to then sure” as they went into his luxurious hotel room paula looked at the hotel room “holy shit this is hella fancy” ralph chuckled at paula's excitement “well it’s better so that the sugar baby doesn’t think I’m a scam darling” he said, wrapping his arm around her waist paula blushed at the gesture ralph sat on the bed “okay so there’s rules you have to follow in order to keep my money coming to you” Paula raised her eyebrow “which is?” the 61 year old man caress her hair “never cheat on your sugar daddy” Paula shrugs “oh well that’s easy I’m like the most loyalist person ever…till they treat me like shit” that made him chuckle “don’t worry baby I’ll treat you right just trust daddy” she bit her lip slightly as ralph patted the spot next to him paula laid down next to him he was wrapping his arms around her and rubbing her arm up and down with his finger they cuddle up against each other’s bodies he got shirtless kissing her forehead lightly whispering in her ear “how did I get so lucky to become your sugar daddy” she puts a hand on his chest “if anything I’m the lucky one” as she traced his contour of it ralph smirks kissing her neck repeatedly she soon held his cheeks as a motivation to keep going as ralph stops for a second getting his briefcase opens it and showed paula a whole lotta money her jaw dropped as he grins continuing kissing her neck whispering again “all yours baby”

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