The Devil's Headpats.

" let's make a deal and trade. would you like to sell your soul today? " said the devil. while exploring the tiny room with a little smirk in his face.

" not today. come again another day"
she said, with a flowing river on her face.

He sees the little girls tears.
He Sighed with impatience.

" The same old tale of screams,
The same old dark spells of your roots.
The knots are loose. Nothing new to bloom.
why don't you reach your doom ." he says.
While pitying and getting annoyed by the girl's pathetic state.

" it will be fine and I will be fine. Go away from here.
I not ready to give up yet " she screamed.
Leaning her back against the wall. Slowly dropped to the floor.

He sighed again, left the contract on the table. Gave a little pat on her head with his huge hand which took away many lives. by giving away contracts & getting it signed.

" Let me know when you change your mind. Untill then, next time. Take care. I will be there " he said.
And left with his wings painted with black.

Seasons changed. He hasn't visited her yet.
One winter night. He wants to be by her side once again one last time to hear her mind.

The same old room. With rust pink walls. With the same old things of fantasy books in the wooden shelf blocks. Two shelf blocks of novels. one is for her reading to escape reality. other one is her writings of reality in fantasies.

Nothing had changed. Nothing has moved. But he couldn’t believe the girl he chose. Is lying in the concrete floor. With Closed eyes, stopped breath and no beatings of the heart.

He reached for her hand. And could tell in a instant that she is dead. The contract he gave. Is held by her in her hands.

the contract had the detailes of trading of human souls with the devils. but he finds no signature of hers. He saw traces of ink. And turned it around.
The supposed to be empty side of the contract sheet is filled with lines.

Words of sadness that conveyed pain.
Words of memories that told thier tale.
Paragraphs ended with 'sorry' , 'thank you'
And at the end with a 'good-bye my dear friend"

He never knew that he was a friend to her. he was little rude all this time. After all, he's a devil makes a living by trading souls.
He has no power to influence humans lives. Until a contract is signed.

She always says

" Not today. Come again another day" meant, don't leave me today I might make a attempt to leave this world again.

She always says

" It will be fine and i will be fine " and was never ture. It was a facade she drew & became a master at it as she grew.

He did a little pat on her head. He wished these hands could bring lifeless a person back to life.

Her body is pale. Blood soaked in a blade. Tiny wrist is with lines. Which took away her lonely life.

He hated himself for not deciphering her words earlier. Yet he finds another paper under her little weighed head.

It read,

" when I said 'stop' I really meant it. I don't want any screams and the fights from my parents

When I said 'go away' I really meant it. I don't want to get mistreated by the bullies.

When I said 'no' is a no. I don't want to be touched by strangers.

There wasn't anything to decipher here in the words of mine. if they were kind all the while. I couldn't be lieing about me being fine.

A devil is better than humans. He would pat my head and ask for my soul for sale. Unlike the monsters he didn't dare to hurt. Tho I wished he would deciphered the words i uttered to him alone. The only friend i had he did not realize"

Two letters she wrote. One meant for him.
Other for the humans to find.
But he doubts that they will ever find
the pain and sorrow that she writes.

River flows in his eyes. As he flies to the sky. Asks for the stars to grant a wish of this lowly life.

But nothing can save a being that once lost its life.
For a wish to be granted it has to survive.

One of the star smiles and replies
" you read those letters of mine? "

He turned to his right and couldn't Believe his eyes. The little girl that loves to read and write has became a star in the night sky. she found a new home tonight.

he reached for her head and gave a gentle pat.
and he whispers to her " it gonna be alright."

© holy_stars