The Open Window........Ep-2
Was it easy to meet the Queen? No, if you were the common fellow who worked for her, obeyed her and was liable for everything from her it wasn't that easy but as a heir of the Elysian dynasty, yes, it was easy for both Prince and Princess because they were not meeting the Queen as her servent but they were meeting their grandmother as her grandchildren who loved her the most. But something very strange happened that day, only that day, coincidently when they decided to meet her for the sake of the truth and for all those queries they were having about that page, only that day, they were forbidden. Only that day they were basically treated like a common fellow who needed a permission to meet the Queen. Heirs of that dynasty was facing a close door infront of them which they had never faced before.
The servant who was serving the great Queen stopped both Princess Juliyana and Prince Scarlet and didn't let them go in and even pushed them back on the ground. This situation put them into great confusion, distaste and shock. They then started rebelling to get in but then suddenly in middle of that unwilling sitution of theirs they heared a sound, a sound of a bullet coming out of a firegun. Everybody froze for a moment after hearing that sound and then started running towards the room to check the Queen, and for everybody's surprise she was missing, the Queen was missing. Nobody found a single trace of her. And this was not only the thing that shocked them, one of the servent suddenly started screaming and fell down on the ground while pointing towards something. Everybody looked toward her sign and saw the window, the next biggest dismayed of that day was the window, the window was opened. The window that was never seen opened before in the presence of the Queen, was opened; the window which was said to be closed for everyone, was opened that day. No one uttered a single word from their mouth after seeing that scenario, that place turned into an art piece of an art gallery where everyone is still and not even breathing. Finally after a while Prince Scarlet took the courage to look out the window with a shivering hands and legs. That window was made up of glass with beautiful floral design but that day the beauty of that glass window was covered with blood which says " Selena".

To be Continued.....
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