Soft target
"To accept yourself, whatever you are, you need to jump first, as you are a monkey", thus mother (monkey) ended her coerce.

The kid is annoyed lately, as he learns that evolution began with them but he is still a monkey. He felt his jumping behaviour was the reason for tormenting him. He started walking with his arms hanging by his sides, trying to imitate the humans he saw on TV. He demanded to serve him plates with cooked food, even though he didn’t like the taste or smell of them.

He asked a time more, “Mother, why do we have to jump all the time?”.
“Because we are monkeys, and jumping is in our nature,” the mother replied. “But I don’t want to be a monkey. I want to be a human. They don’t jump, they walk. They eat less raw, and more cooked food. They don’t live in trees, they build houses.” The kid said. Mother is agonized, but helpless, jumping is intricately habitual to them and his infant is refusing it foremost. She wished that her child could know more about his clan. These increasing demands made her worrisome. She asked for a meeting ASAP. In a meeting, the senior apes among gathered members came to know, that some notorious elements had entered their abode and trying to lure tenderly behaving and naive monkeys and to bring them into their captivity, This is how they have infiltrated the agendas of their life into young members of clan. Getting each detail in-depth, they are feeling more perturbed. Pursuing in discussion more tails were enraged to ask similar questions.
Luckily, here the granny monkey is as smart as a fox she took charge of consolidating advice posed by senior apes' by introducing frequently appearing stories related to humans' gory acts to their fellows. For further understanding she circulated some crime news and their real source like some popular newspapers to them, She even said "Humans may become more delirious in future to sustain devil activities." As they are reaching the end of the discussion monkeys are horrified by a mere dream of being captives to the material world made by artificial humans. As a result, those capricious monkeys stopped their rant to evolve further as humans.
Granny is insightful in her theory, even this article's writer also thinks humans will develop in a way that will deplete their human traits
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-Prachi Sharma
© Prachi Sharma