I am a writer
My desires as a writer is to inspire the world.

Gain fame at my teenage age.

Become a best seller.

Make my parents proud of me.


Keep writing.

Inspire younger writers.

I don't know if I'm the only writer who feels the same burning desire in me.

They say everyone has a purpose.

But it's unknown to them.

I think I know mine, it's to inspire souls with my writing pieces.

It's to make words be the best they can.

It's to build a community of readers who will anticipate my next piece.

It's to make my country proud of me.

It's to be the next writer after Shakespeare or be better!!

It's to.... Just name it. To use my talent like it's deserved to be used.

It's my talent.

Something of value.

One in a billion.

Once in a lifetime.

It's either used or wasted.

And- and I wish to use it.

I wish to see faces smile as they gaze down at my works.

I want to soften hard minds.

Brighten dark souls.

Strengthen weak hearts.

Yes there are challenges.

But I'll always stand.

As strong as a rock.

No motivation? Come on, I don't need motivation.

I'm my motivation.

My talent alone is a motivation. I have it!!

My works are my motivation.

Writer's block? Come on, that's just a phase I will always defeat.

Low engagement? I don't need engagements.

Because trust me, you'll come back here and read my works.

You'll be addicted.

You'll watch me and admire me.

What else can stop me?

I'm unstoppable!!

I'm powerful!

I'm amazing!

I'm strong!

I'm talented!!

I'm beautiful!!

I'm wonderful!

I'm Great!

I'm fabulous!!

What else am I?

Definitely not a minor.

I'm an aspiring author/authoress.

I'm worth it.

I'm a writer.

I'm a poet.

I'll never. NEVER!! stop till I become an authroress.

Till I prove my enemies wrong.

Till I show to the world I'm something of value.

Till I amaze minds.

Till I put smile on y'all's faces.

I am a writer
© -Heppie Leo