An Ant (Based on a True Event)
One fine day, my dad, as usual was sitting in the lawn. He always has this fly killer in his hand, whenever he is in the lawn. Recently he brought an electric insect/fly killer machine to ease his labour.
So while sitting there and doing nothing but killing flies, an idea struck him. He killed a fly and put it on ground. As the ants were there looking for food. They would carry the died flies, if small, alone otherwise call their partners for help to carry the dead body into the home.
So, my dad killed a fly and put it on the ground for ants to take it away. So an ant approached the dead fly. Since the dead body was big to carry she went back to call for help. There, my dad took the dead fly back. When the ants arrived they moved round here and there and found nothing. The other ants went away but the caller ant still stood there, maybe to understand what happened to the dead body. In that instance, my dad put back the dead fly. The ant approached, checked and went back to call others. Again my dad took back the dead fly and same process repeated.
My dad this time again put the dead fly before the ant, who may have been quite embarrassed and dumbstruck as to what's happening to the dead fly. She approached again as it was her third time and went to call for help from other ants. Then again, my dad took away the dead fly. The ants arrived for the dead body but found nothing. However, this time they didn't let it go. They joined together and tore the caller ant into pieces.
My dad was like, what the hell man! He had never thought that this thing will happen and never repeated this act again. But he uses to repeat that example again and again. Even the smalles creatures on this earth can't bear the deceit and false information.

© mirakhtar