The Tale Of Valentine's Charm 👑

A Little Story 💎✨

Once upon a time in a town not too big,
There lived a Boy named Jack, quite the love gig.
In a land ruled by Emperor Stoneface,
No weddings allowed, such a cold embrace.

Jack, a smooth talking priest, full of charm,
Spreading love vibes, causing quite the alarm.
Emperor Grumpy didn't like that at all,
"No love for you," he'd bellow and call.

But Jack, he cared not for Stoneface's rules,
Wrote love notes, broke all the love fools.
In a cell he ended up, but no despair,
For love, he declared, was still in the air.

In the slammer, Jack's charm didn't fade,
He healed the jailer's daughter, a love upgrade.
Her eyes sparkled, no more in the dark,
A love miracle, like a firework's spark.

Before his last dance with fate's cruel jest,
Jack sent a letter, no time for a jest.
"To my sweet Lily," the words took flight,
A tradition born on that magical night.

Now every year, love's tale we replay,
Valentine's Day, in Jack's romantic display.
A rebel in love, his legacy grand,
In a world where love rules, forever to stand.
© mojameel