Travelled in a comic
She held on to the fragile branch with a death's grip as the roaring water threatened to drag her away.
She gasped, the bubbling swirls entering her mouth. There was no hope left...she thought it is her last time seeing the earth and then she became unconscious... sometime later she woke up and she was so surprised that she was alive suddenly she noticed that her dressing was like an princess of olden times then a girl dressed like a maid came to her and said "m' lady Ye Mikazuki your brother the prince Shu yang is here to see you". she said to Mikazuki. "uhh where am I and who are you". she asks the girl. " my lady you are in the Golden Kingdom the kingdom of Kingndoms Ye kingdom and I am your maid si lan ". Shu lan said to me giving me a strange look then she told me that my half sister pushed me in the lake. huh I think I am in my favourite comic the queen of queens and I became the villainess ugh why but she is beautiful though and she got some amazing powers it means I can use them too yes. now I have to change my dress. some times later when I changed my dress . My brother Shu yang is here the most powerful prince but I am the oldest princess of emperor Ye Lin so I have the black hairs from my mother and my eyes from the emperor. "Sister are you ok ". he asks me . I am shocked because in the real comic he was against Ye Mikazuki but ok . "Hn I am ok ". I said to him with a cold voice. "Sister I will tell father to punish Shu ura and please I am deeply sorry that you got hurt because of her." he said I mean ok you can . " Hnn now you can leave". I said to him. Finnally I am alone to practice my power. "Lan you can go now have a great rest." I say to her I remember that in the comic she sacrificed herself for ye Mikazuki this time I won't let her die but how did I even teleported in this world after dying who knows.

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