INTRODUCTION Kristen is an adventurous and creative girl. She expresses herself not knowing that she was planning her own future. Despite her many fears, she finds her way through, painting after painting. With the help of her friend, she conquers every fear. The real question is; will she have a good future in the end?..................................

One cold, windy night, a teenage girl named Kristen strolled out her room, seeking a way to fall back asleep. Her head ached and her conscience was telling her to write but she didn’t listen. She tried every remedy she knew but her head still ached. Greg, her hamster, which had managed to unlock its cage, went closer to Kristen looking worried.
Kristen looked at Greg and noticed his lips were saying something then suddenly she started hearing a little voice that synced with the hamster’s lips. “Write, write to your heart’s content; and read if indeed you desire to find the right path.” said the voice in a wise tone.
Kristen carried a pen and a paper and wrote to her heart’s content. She didn’t know what she had written or that she had written a letter to herself until she read it. It said:
Dear Kristen,All your paintings have gone missing; everything will happen when you most expect it. Every picture you find will determine your future. If you are lucky enough you will give yourself a good future.Kristen Kristen read in astonishment. Her mind suddenly went to her sketchpad where she had her paintings. She checked where she kept it but she only saw one painting; the painting of a boy.
He was quite handsome and looked smart. As she looked back her heart skipped a beat as a result of the shock of seeing the same boy before her eyes. They starred at each other for such a long time that Kristen didn’t notice herself blushing.
Boy: Love at first sight, I guess.
Kristen: Your so full of yourself. Now, who are you and what are you doing here?
Boy: I am Luca and I am here to help you, gorgeous. I knew it was love at first sight, blusher.
Kristen hadn’t noticed herself blushing, again.
Kristen: Your so ugly
Boy: Your so ugly that when you went to the zoo the gorilla asked you how you escaped.

Kristen, who was a good actor, started crying then Luca quickly came to comfort her. “Don’t cry.” said Luca sympathetically. “Sorry.” he added embarrassed.“Don’t worry” Kristen insisted.

TO BE CONTINUED...........