The Masked Killer
“Pleaseeeeee!” I looked at him with puppy eyes

*sigh* “fine”

“Yay! Let’s go!”

“But remember Mia, ALWAYS stick with me and don’t go anywhere without letting me know”


Adrian is my best friend and a cop and Having just lost my job as a journalist, the opportunity to work with him on the "masked killer" case was both thrilling and daunting.


“Come on Mia! It seems that the detectives have found a clue!”

We went to the police station and the detectives revealed that they had found an abandoned house in the middle of the forest and told us that there might be a possibility of “ the masked killer” hiding there!

“Are you sure about this Adrian?” I asked him, my body shivering in fright as the dense forest gave me chills

“Why is someone scared?”

NO! I’m not!

And that was clearly a lie but he just laughed and we continued to walk towards the abandoned house

It was getting dark and as we got closer to the place, I tightly gripped my camera, my hands and legs shivering and my heart beat skyrocketed. I closely followed Adrian behind. A shiver ran down my spine as we stood in front of the door ready to break in.

We entered the room which was all dark. All of us quickly opened our flashlights to look around.

Officer James Reynolds and Officer Carla Sanchez searched the ground floor while we searched the first floor. As we climbed the stairs, my heart raced at the thought of finding evidence, probably some pictures or maps like they show in movies!

“Mia, you look in this room, I'll look in the other room”

As i opened the door, i was in for a disappointment..there was nothing inside

“Did you find anything?”He asked


“Did you?”

“No luck”. Let's ask the officers downstairs.

“Officers, did you find anything?” Adrian inquired

“No Adrian, there's nothing here. Let's go back to the police station and look for some clues''

“Mia! Mia!! You won’t believe this!”Adrian’s eyes sparkled with happiness

“What is it, Adrian?”

“I got permission for us to go and investigate the crime scene!”

“Really? But how?”

“A senior officer had an emergency and had to leave so I was asked to take over this case!”

“Does it mean that I get to accompany you to the crime scenes?”


“Thank you so much Adrian! This means a lot especially after i lost my job”

*At the crime scene*

We reached in about 20 minutes and while Adrian was busy talking to other officers and getting more details, I started taking pictures so that we can figure something out from it later.

“Did you take all the pictures?” Adrian asked

“One more……and done!”

“What did you find?”

“The victim's name is Sebastian Harrington, aged 24 and he was murdered somewhere around midnight….…”

“Lets go to his house to know more about him”

“Good idea! Lets go”

When we reached her house we were shocked to see that it was a huge mansion…the atmosphere was dull and gloomy. As we knocked on the door, it was almost immediately opened by a servant who led us to Mr and Mrs Harrington

"Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. Harrington. I'm Officer Adrian Parker, and this is my assistant Mia Thompson," I said, offering a subdued smile.

"We're truly sorry for your loss. We're dedicated to finding who did this. Mind if we ask you a few questions for the investigation?" Mia added, her voice carrying a tone of empathy.

"Absolutely, do what you need to catch whoever did this," Mr. Harrington replied, his voice strained.

"Can you walk us through the day Sabestian passed away?" I asked, trying to keep my tone empathetic.

"Sabestian mentioned in the evening that he was heading to a friend's birthday party, planning to be back by 2 am. We didn't think much of it as he often goes out," Mrs. Harrington explained with a sigh.

"What kind of friends did Sabestian have?" Mia pressed gently.

"We never got to meet them. Sabestian was pretty adamant about keeping us away from his social life, calling it 'not cool' and 'embarrassing,'" Mr. Harrington shared, a hint of frustration in his voice.

"Did you notice any changes in Sabestian's behaviour recently?" I inquired.

"Yeah, he lost his job a few days back. Since then, he practically locked himself in his room, only showing up for meals. When we asked, he'd talk about doing something big someday," Mrs. Harrington admitted, her eyes reflecting concern.

"Thank you for your cooperation, Mr. and Mrs. Harrington. We'll do our best to get to the bottom of this," Mia said as we left.

Then we went to meet a couple of Sebastian’s friends. But he could find anything with them

“Just one last name…..Damien Voss”

“Is this Damien Voss?” I asked

“Yeah and you are?”

“Police. We are here to investigate you on the account of sebastian's death”

“What? He’s dead?”

“Yes. I’m sorry….”

“Yo that dude owes me 30 million dollars! I need my money back!

“30 million dollars? How did you get so much money?”

“Gambling obviously”

“Tell that dude’s parents to give me my money…if I don't have my money back, I'm done for…”

“But why did he take money from you?”

“Nah he didn't take ...we were gambling and he lost. Haha what a loser!

“Adrian, do you think Sebastian's parents know about this?”

“I highly doubt that.I for one know that The Harringtons are known from their high social status”

“That's probably why Sabestian kept his gambling habits hidden”

“I nodded”

“Let's go back to the police station and report this new information”

*I was sitting on the couch reading Nancy Drew's detective book when suddenly my phone rang..*

“Ugh I hate being interrupted while reading. As I looked at my phone, I smiled seeing the caller id..it was Adrian”

“Another lead,Adrian?”

“Haha yes Mia. I'll text you the address..be there in 10”

I looked over the message and my mind froze……here….w-why….I….

*At crime scene*

“All good Mia?” Adrian asked with concern evident on his face

“Yeah” I replied absentmindedly

As I was taking pictures of the evidence, images of that night flashed before my eyes……and suddenly I couldn't move…my legs refused to move and before I knew it, everything went dark…..

I slowly opened my eyes and found myself in the hospital with Adrian standing beside me with worry evident on his face.

“Mia, are you alright?”

“Doctor! Doctor! She’s awake”

Dr. Lee smiled, "Mia, you're in stable condition now. It seems you had quite a scare, but our tests indicate that everything is fine. It's normal to feel disoriented after such an experience. Rest is crucial for your recovery. I'll be back shortly to go over the details, but for now, try to get some rest."

Adrian stepped forward,"You heard her, Mia! Now, you're just going to take it easy and not worry about anything else."

"But the inves—," Mia

"I don't want you stressing about it, dear. Just focus on your recovery," Adrian interrupted.

"I need to fill in some paperwork, and I'll be back soon. Please, take some rest now," he added before leaving the room.

Later, Adrian gently woke Mia, bringing her some food.

"Wake up, dear. Have some food," he said as he helped her sit up and fed her.

"How are you feeling now?" he asked.

"Much better! Thank you," Mia replied.

"Adrian," Mia continued, "how did I end up here? I remember I was taking pictures of evidence, and then everything blacked out."

Taking a deep breath, Adrian explained, "It all happened so suddenly. You collapsed, and we rushed you here. The doctor said it was likely due to stress and exhaustion. Maybe you've been pushing yourself too hard lately."

"Dear, can you tell me what's been going on? Why were you acting so strangely?" Adrian inquired with genuine concern.

Mia hesitated before finally opening up, "Adrian, there's something I need to tell you."

His gaze focused on her, encouraging her to continue. "What is it, Mia? You can tell me anything."

Gathering her thoughts, Mia confessed, "I've been keeping something from you, Adrian… it's time I share it with you."

On 23 December 2016, My father, me and my twin sister, Sia were returning from hospital after visiting my mom. It was around 1:35 am and the highway was blocked due to construction so we had to take a different route but there were no lights on the road.It was dark and we couldn't see anything…My dad tried his best to drive but we crashed into an incoming truck……*sobs*.....I was the only one to survive….

Adrian hugged her, “I’m sorry for your loss dear….If i had known i wouldn't have asked you to come there….why didn't you say this earlier”
“I thought i’ll manage but……all the memories came back…..I’m sorry…i ruined our investigation”

“Dear, nothing is more important that you….i’ll have someone else in this case…you please take rest”

“No Adrian, I want to face it. I can’t hide forever. I want to continue with the investigation”

“Are you sure?”

Mia was discharged after a few days and she continued with her investigation..but whenever she went there, she had this uneasy feeling that someone was watching over her….. following her everywhere…..

At first Mia thought it was her imagination but soon strange things started happening with her….like this one time, she kept her camera on her table but found it in the garbage bin….it was as if someone is deliberately trying to get rid of the evidence. But who could it be?

*Phone Call*

“Adrian! Someone's following me. I had the case documents in my bag, and now they're gone. I feel like I'm being watched.”

“Dear, it's probably just fatigue. Take a rest for a couple of days.”

But Mia was convinced that someone posed a real threat, so she headed to the police station.

*Mia introduced herself to the officer.* "Sir, I had this feeling that someone's been following me."

*Mia proceeded to share details about the missing documents and the unsettling camera incident.*

"I understand the gravity of the case you're working on, Miss Mia. We'll arrange for your security, and hopefully, we'll catch the person behind this."

"I have a hunch that the person following me and the masked killer might be one and the same. Why else would someone try to destroy the evidence?"

"Good point, Mia. For your safety, I recommend you stay indoors for a couple of days. Meanwhile, we'll intensify efforts to apprehend this masked killer, and we'll keep you informed if we need you for anything."

"Thank you, Officer."

For the next few days, Mia stayed indoors. With police officers and guards ensuring her safety, she felt a sense of security. Hopefully, the masked killer will be caught soon.


*Mia opens to door to find Adrian standing there*

“Adrian! I missed you so much!” *Goes to hug him but notices other police officers*

“Adrian….Officers, is everything alright?”

“Ms Mia Thompson you are under arrest” one of the officers declared

“w-what…..I did nothing wrong!”Mia stammered, a look of disbelief on her face.

“Cut the act, Miss Thompson, we know that you are “The masked killer”

“Me? Masked killer? No…there must be some kind of mistake…..”Mia's voice trembled with shock and confusion.

*Mia was arrested and taken in for questioning*
Officer Daniels approached Mia, his expression stern. "Mia Thompson, you're under arrest for suspicion of being the masked killer"

My eyes widened in disbelief. "What? I haven't done anything! You're making a mistake."

Hours later, after an intense interrogation, Officer Daniels returned. "We couldn't find any concrete evidence tying you to the crimes. You're free to go, for now. But, Ms. Thompson, we'll be keeping an eye on you."

Mia, relieved but still shaken, nodded. "You've got the wrong person, but I understand you're just doing your job."

As Mia left the police station, she turned to the officers. "Please, don't let Adrian know about this. It would only worry him unnecessarily. I'll figure out a way to clear my name."

Officer Rodriguez nodded, "We're watching, Ms. Thompson. Clear your name fast, or we won't hesitate to bring you in again."

Mia, determined to clear her name, walked out hatching a plan of action in mind.

“As much as I hate to be here, this is the only place I can think of where I might find some evidence” Mia thought as she parked her friend's car a few miles away from the forest road. She decided to walk on foot to not raise any suspicions.

Mia decided to look around the forest to see if she could find anything. Suddenly, she heard voices in the distance.Cautiously hiding behind the leaves, she followed the source of sound..
She saw two people talking but couldn't see their faces. She moved closed to hear their conversation

“How many times should I tell you that I can't meet you! What if somebody sees us?

“Relax, Mia is in jail and that fool is probably counting on you to save her. But little does she know that her “friend” is her worst enemy who put her in jail”

*Mia who heard all this was shocked…Adrian….She couldn't believe her ears….The person who was closest to her stabbed in her back*

“Btw, when am I getting my money Madison?”

“I spoke to Miss Shadow and she said she will give us the money after Mia is sentenced to death”

Mia froze at the mention of her twin sister's name. "Wait… Madison… as in my twin sister Madison?"

“Finally that witch Mia is out of my life…. ugh I can't stand her!”Madison sneered.

“Babe, you never told me why you hate her so much?”

“Ever since we were little, she got all the attention..no one ever cared about me…it's like I was just there ... .And when we met with the accident, I was in a coma for 2 years. No one from my family came to look for me during that time.An old lady, Edna Whitmann adopted me and gave me a new life. From that day on, I carefully planned my revenge”

“And now the world is afraid of us….”The masked Killers”. Who would believe that a police officer is actually a killer?”

Suddenly, Police sirens blared in the distance.

“Police? Quick Adrian let's get out of here”Madison urged

But before they could escape, Officer Daniels and his team surrounded the area, handcuffing both Madison and Jake as Mia emerged from her hiding place.

"Thank you, Miss Thompson, for sending us their recording and live location. Thanks to you, the mystery of the Masked Killers has been solved," the officer praised

“Thank you, officer!”

Mia turned to Madison and Adrian, “I can't believe that my best friend and my twin sister turned out to be monsters…and Madison, just so you know, Dad died in the accident and mom didn't survive for long after his death. I searched for you everywhere but couldn't find you and after that I was adopted and we moved out. And you Adrian, I can't believe that I liked you and planned to propose…. it's true what they say that the people closest to you, turn out to be your biggest enemies…”

*A few months later*

Adrian's muffled shouts echoed in the dimly lit room.“HELP! Is anyone there?”

Mia stepped into the light, a smirk playing on her lips. "Woah, easy there, Adrian. I missed you so much."

Adrian squinted in disbelief.“Mia?”

“Hello love. Did you miss me?”

“Mia……why did you do this…You clearly heard us that I wasn't the masked killer…I was just following the orders of Miss Shadow! Why did you only record what was important to you?”
Mia chuckled,“fool why would I turn myself in?”

“What do you mean?”

“Haha I meant that I’M MISS SHADOW”

Adrian stared at Mia in shock,“YOU are MISS SHADOW? You are the masked killer?”

Mia continued,“I did all this because my mom always hated me, especially after the accident. She always wished that Maddy would've survived instead of me, So when I found Maddy in coma, I paid Edna Whitmann to adopt her and take her away. But I didn't stop there, I filled my hatred for Mia in Madison's mind through Edna. Then as Miss Shadow, I made her a criminal and the rest, she did herself like convincing Damien to kill Sabestian and YOU thought that I loved you? Haha it was all part of my plan”

Adrian's face twisted in anger.“You think you can get away with it? I'll inform about the court about all this and you'll end up in prison”

Mia leaned in with a sinister smile. "Oh, honey, you won't. Because, guess what? You have to be alive to say anything. And I'm a cop, while you're an escaped criminal on the loose."


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