Conquer The Arrogant Billionare Man (Chapter 1)
Annie is the backbone of her family who works as a female employee at a well-known company owned by Mrs. Cellia. Because of her excellent performance and good character and cleverness in reconciling the employees at the company, Mrs. Cellia recorded Annie's position as assistant to her three adult grandchildren. She believes that Annie can educate them to be polite and Annie can make her three grandchildren get along. 

Mrs. Cellia's grandchildren have different traits and characters. And the three of them don't get along with each other because they have different mothers from the same father. 

Jack is the first grandson of Mrs. Cellia. Jack has a very cold and indifferent nature, he likes to rebel against the rules made by his grandmother, and he doesn't even like to smile. 

Mrs. Cellia's second grandson is Fedrick. He's actually a good guy, although a little rebellious. Fedrick is a playboy, a lover of women. 

The last grandchild of Mrs. Cellia is David, who has the nickname soft boy, the only grandson of hers who is the most obedient. Of course, there was one thing he couldn't comply with his grandmother's wishes, namely getting along with his two brothers. 

There was a Cold War between the three of them, Mrs. Cellia was afraid that after she left, her three grandchildren would fight over the inheritance and the fighting between them would become even more intense. 

This was a very difficult task for Annie, but it was Mrs. Cellia, if she doesn't accept this job, then Annie won't be able to work at Mrs. Cellia's company. And she needed money to send her younger siblings to school! 

The intelligent Annie devised a plan to extinguish the Cold War between the three. Slowly the Cold War began to die out. Even Annie could make Jack the rebel obey the rules made by Mrs. Cellia.

However, it didn't take long for the three of them to become trapped in a multifaceted love that made Mrs. Cellia had another big fight. 

Who else can be blamed here if not Annie? "How dare Annie make them fall in love with her?" Said Mrs. Cellia.

What should Annie do? Even Annie falls in love with one of them.

Annie gets into big trouble, where she will be fired from her job!
© Hani Zhou