First love part 2.
Since that day when she left me in that rainy day in that unexpected circumstances, i had come to hostel but my entire thinking was on her only so I started to explore her whereabouts ,

finally I found her friend who picked her up in that day, initially she hesitated to tell her whereabouts but I was like a small kid used to follow her daily to ask that her whereabouts,

finally after 9 days she felt melted bcz of my dedication so she was like

" hey I didn't know that you were this much into it but am soo sry i made it late man but i too want to tell u one thing that she also used to ask me your whereabouts daily but I used to tell her hey forget him it's just nothing but attraction "

After hearing her words I ddint know that I should laugh with joy since that girl also having me still in my mind or should I feel sad since I was not with her in these 9 days,

but somehow while coming out from that deep thoughts i asked her , " I wanna meet her right now tell me what should I do"

she said " hey cute dude its not that easy as she was from other place and for your kind information she is my cousin " she told this with seductive looks with warm smile

I said , " then how to find her " with dull face,

then she said " arey why u get soo upset all time in her matter, ok lemme tell u her sisters mrg wil be within one 1 month then I would take u with me but don't do any mess there " she told me looking straight into my eyes,

I was like yeah atleast I found a chance to meet her in marrrige and same time I have the option to talk to her since I have number,

just after going room I texted her " am I still in ur mind"

she replied without even asking who r u, " how can I forget the guy whom I slapped with much responsibility to save his life"

I said " how could u slap a guy who looks rough and look like handsome villain "

she said " Acha so shall I get panic now" in a sarcastic way

and she said " why didn't u slap me back she said "with smiley emoji

I said , " even if u could stab me with knife I could have not even utter word a word against u" I said

she said " if that situation comes where I need to stab u ,i would stab my self so don't wry"

but her that statement really made me think about her innocent and honest soul and which increased my respect and loyalty more on her,

then I was like yes finally I did it....and we started forgetting everything while talking in phone ,and my frnds used eat even my ice cream most times since I would be busy texting her in day and talking her in night,there was even times when I used to bath while putting her call in loud speaker mode,

finally the day came , and I was very excited to see her and I too didn't know that something coming bigger in my life would make my eyes fountains of tears while destroy everything and changing my attitude towards the love and life forever...

next part would tell later, sweethearts....