THE LOVE An Intimate Story of Passion
Nowhere else upon the human body are more nerve endings present than on the tips of the fingers and thumbs. So it should thus be no surprise indeed when one lover touches another, undeniable sensations of elated ecstasy emerges. Many persons treasure having their partner's touch, which in turn sends truly remarkable feelings all over and through their bodies. This is the story of such a man and woman doing just that for one another.
These two people felt as though they shared moments which would stretch eternally whenever they spent intimate time with each other. Whether preparing a delightfully delicious meal for dinner, wistfully window shopping at their leisure, or relaxing by a cozy fire as they watched a movie, they were addicted to one another’s company. The man was quite handsome, and the woman complimented him in that she herself was gorgeous in every sense of the word. Fate and destiny had led them into each other’s open arms. And within that loving embrace, they found fulfillment of life that no one else had or even could have given them.
One fine and beautiful day, the man and woman made love. Not love in the sense that they had sex and that was that. No. This was the purest kind of love. Love that they both had longed for one another. Neither of them wanted any excess baggage, mind you. Yet they were willing to take on whatever would come their way. Their love was untarnished by the cares and worries of the world. They were only concerned with the true love they had for each other. Alone and undisturbed, the two gazed in each other’s eyes, windows into their very souls. Neither of them had anything to hide. He wanted to share with the woman the fullness of life that she had given him. This made the woman feel very heated up for him, and she kissed him gently, yet purposefully. He kissed back and lulled in her mouth, yearning for more of her good taste.
The woman’s fingers swayed through the man’s short, thick, hair, and she moved her well-formed body closer to her man, continuing to kiss him. The woman’s supple bosom against the man’s firm chest served to make him more desirous for her. So he held onto her ever closer, running his hands in her long, jet black crown of glory, while lightly fondling her beaming face. The stroke of the man’s fingers on the woman’s blushing countenance instantly melted her heart. No one before had ever touched her in such a way. She grazed her fingernails on the man’s backside, zigzagging up and down, all the while scintillating him. The man stretched out his large, comforting hands upon the small of her back. This sent shivers of pure electricity throughout the woman’s body. The man felt resonating sparks that flowed through his veins as he held his peerless and glorious woman.
The woman brushed her silky lips upon the man’s strong neck, and hovered there for some time, licking and kissing. The man’s hands then found the woman’s ears and he rubbed behind them, sending yet more excitement to his woman. The nape of the woman’s neck was the man’s next destination. He brushed just his fingertips over her neck, as he whispered a sweet nothing into her ear. Yes, it was a message of love for her alone. She hugged him closer still, wanting more of his essence.
The man massaged the bones and muscles of her shoulders. This felt very good to the sensuous woman. She laid down on the soft and welcoming bed, inviting her man to give her a full massage. The man was only too happy to oblige, and he immediately began to soothe her tired and aching body. Not tired as in sleepy, or aching as in painful; but tired of not having a man to make her feel like a woman alive, and aching for a release to send her over the edge.
The man’s hands, as felt through the clothing, was exhilarating for the woman. The man did not let the outer garments hinder him while on his quest of giving the woman the ultimate sensation of his touch. He would rub upon her relaxed abdomen and next upon her lovely thighs. Up and down he went, going from place to place upon his woman. Her feet were held gently within the man’s grasp as he tickled her toes sweetly.
The man went to her graceful arms and caressed the downy hairs upon them. Then, pressing his hands to her palms, they intertwined their fingers together in a grasp that could never be broken by any outside force. Then the man slowly and willfully undressed the woman of his desire. As he did this, the woman was already feeling waves of pure bliss. She loved to have someone who would not rush. She knew then and there that her man would not be a minute man, but a forever man.
When the woman was left wearing only her brassiere and undergarment, the man teasingly began to take them off as well. He unfastened the bra and slipped it off her glowing skin while kissing the valley of her heaving, rounded breasts. As he did this, his hands were removing the panties from her long legs, revealing to his fingers a warm and welcoming place. He glided the tips of his digits upon her wetness, slowly and gently, yet with the firmness of confidence. The woman danced to the man’s incredible fingers which found a round button that called his special attention. He flicked her growing clitoris with a light wisp of his tips, kissing and sucking and twirling the hardened nipples of her mounds of joy at the same time. The woman then felt the man inside her being; first one finger, then two, then three, filling her up and feeling her up. In and out he went, never hurting her, working his fingers in motions of pleasure. The woman placed the man’s other hand on her silky smooth mound. She moved his free hand over and through and around herself, relishing every sensual moment.
The woman then took her turn in pleasuring her man. She flipped him over onto his back and kissed him all over as she disrobed him. The man looked into the woman’s diamond sapphire eyes, and knew then what it meant to be with a peerless woman. His woman proceeded to feel him up and down, a light touch here and a firm hold there. She loved the feel of his rock hard manhood. So she lingered there for some time, savoring him as she rubbed his thighs and abdomen. The throbbing of the man’s shaft made a bold statement unto the woman, and her own sexual flush confirmed and related to the man the exact same message.
As they kissed and hugged one another, the woman pressed herself onto her man’s firmness. She rubbed and tickled his enlarged bulge with her wispy hair as she moved to and fro upon and all about him, and he answered back with his own orgasmic gyrations. Then, without a word, but only a sigh, the woman slipped the man into her honey pot. The man only allowed a little of himself inside so as not to harm his woman. In this way, they would both be made ready for the complete bonding of man and woman. The woman swung up and then down the man’s engorged rod, the woman’s hole urging the man for more of him. He complied and let his full self enter her. The woman let out a quick gasp and kissed her man wildly; on his neck, on his chest, on his lips. They rocked back and forth with one another in unison.
The man and woman then laid side by side and softly snuggled each other. They just relished there in each other’s arms for a long while. Then the man eased his head down to his woman’s inner thighs and vulva. He wanted to taste a different part of her womanhood. So he let his tongue glide up into her hot crevice, and then nibbled her hardened bulb. Waves of the grandest kind awoke every fiber of the woman’s being as he did this. She bucked and moved to his sweet talk from down within her secret folds. The man let his hands roam on her in the places she needed them as he continued making love to her box with his tongue. The woman’s fragrance was nothing short of heavenly. He had never tasted anything so good. He loved his woman, and this was his ultimate way of expressing that love.
With a sly glance into her lover’s hazel colored eyes, the woman placed the man on top of her. She held his backside and taut buttocks, while positioning him for their reuniting. The man had no trouble slipping gently inside her. This time she was fully ready for him. Still, she and he both made a hushed yelp of ecstasy when they became one. She rotated her hips around, making the man drunk in her movements. He answered back with a thrusting that the woman had never yet felt before. He completely filled her up. And to the woman, this was what she had ever desired of her man. They made love with him on top, being soothingly careful to not press too hard upon her person.
The woman turned the man over and she again took him inside her. The man now had the chance to hold and suck and squeeze his woman’s flawless breasts. They looked so perfect, bouncing to the rhythm of their lovemaking. The man’s hands cupped the woman’s rear, holding her when she was in the air, and pressing her more to him when she came back down. The woman had no words for the wonderment she felt for her man, and the man felt the same for her. It was just as it was meant to be. They had an impassioned embrace of sexual desire.
For a timeless period they made glorious love in many exotic positions. Then the woman suddenly tensed up inside and squeezed her man’s penis with her vagina. She wanted all of him and his hot semen. So as she held him tight and deep, the man came alongside her with an incredible rush. While the orgasm was pulsating throughout their bodies in every way possible, their rapture did not last for a mere few seconds. No. This was forever. A forever that they created together. As their bodies subsided from their powerful release, the man and woman cuddled and held firmly to each other. Their hearts were beating as one, just like their inner being. Yes, they made love again and again for the remainder of that day, in a manner that felt like the first time, lasting to eternity.

© Damian T Hallan