The Tree and Nature
It was barren land. A hot whirlwind came with lightning, which brought dust, sand, and countless pebbles together. Lightning falls on the ground and a big crater is formed. Time passed and nature started its work. The winds suddenly put a seed in that pit. Time eloped. The seed kept facing the scorching heat of the day and the cold winds of the night.
Then one day the black clouds camped on the barren land. Lightning fell on the ground as if someone was dancing an orgy, and the sound was as if a great war was going on, with the raindrops agonizing, yearning and scorching with the heat of the sun, the barren Apply ointment on every pain of the land or say that nature has taken pity on the land longing for years. The night was long and the clouds were about to go, that today they will leave only after wreaking havoc. On the land where it was difficult to get even a drop of water, the river started flowing. Rarely would anyone have seen this form of nature, that barren land had also seen that form?
It was morning when the rain stopped. The pit which contained that seed was filled with water. To protect it from the rays of the sun, the seed was surrounded by clouds, a few days passed like this and the water in the pit also felt happy, that was the seed, it had now become a small plant. The plant started growing slowly as if nature itself was nurturing it.
As the years passed, the plant grew bigger after facing all the difficulties and difficulties. One day he changed from a plant to a tree. It started giving cool shade during the summer days. That barren land was the only tree that stood like a rock. Centuries passed, it had become the biggest tree and in its shade, other small plants were also flourishing. Then one day a man's foot fell on that ground. The man was astonished to see that in such a desert, only one tree is giving cool shade and how huge it is. For some years man started living under it.
The man had found a place somewhere far away from where he was going to live. He had gone but after some time he came back with more humans. The man had come back to cut down the tree and he cut that huge tree, the man took the wood of the tree by cutting the tree to make his house. Desolated again and desolated Nature. But nature was also about to give up. Nature started the life cycle again and again the same cycle started moving and with time the second plant also became a tree.
Nature gives everyone a chance to live, to improve life, but will it give human beings every time?.

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