The intimacy of Art
Now is a time that i am having great difficulty finding happiness within myself and its the first time in my life that art isnt doing that for me. That in itself has me shook up inside, confused, and worried about myself.
There has always been a certain type of intimacy with art and i. We have not always got along great. We've had our good days and then there were days ive been so frustrated with it id cover the whole thing with black or white paint. But we have always been there for each other to let go of our bothersome hearts and minds. To give away all the worries and collect love in its place. But now there is nothing to collect. Theres nothing im gaining from it and it feels each time i try it takes a little more from me and gives nothing back. I am far beyond mad at it, but i will not stop. I will never give up on it no matter how bad it gets or how long its been since our last good moment. I will allow it to continue taking from me with nothing in return until my very last breath and right there is where i draw the line because that breath was already promised to spend telling you i love you. ❤️

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