Story (series): Small Garland of my mistakes (2nd episode- Habit of School)
Story (series): Small Garland of my mistakes (2nd episode- Habit of School)

In my life, I will talk about every flower of small garland of my mistakes, sometimes one by one, sometimes two or three together. These are just my own but may be true for many. But most of the people say that forgetfulness increases with age, but till now it is the opposite for me i.e. childhood forgetfulness is more.
Today while reminding this , it seems that my head was crazy when I was a child, else is it possible to forget or commit such mistake ! However when I have promised.I must have to say these . Today 2nd episode :

Then father passed away, mother struggling to handle all the responsibilities of our siblings. Forced for work in a rich family in the village to earn some income, he had to go every day. He went that day. I also took a bath as usual and went to school with a book in my hand.
Crossed the last lane to reach the school, just a minute's walk. At that time, the voice of one of my classmates Asim - Where are you going? I see a house in the narrow street has stepped into the street, I said why , school, you will not go? He laughed and said who will teach you today? Isn't today Sunday? Let's go fishing. I say no, go home. When I returned home, I saw that my mother was restless without seeing me and was relieved to see me. After hearing everything, he said - crazy boy!

One such day mother sent me to fetch 5 kg of coal, ate tiffin and took jhuri and money and went out at around 10 hr in the morning , the distance of coal store is about one and a half km. The day was Sunday. After walking for a while, I was surprised to see that I have reached the front of the school, but the road goes straight for 300m before going to the coal store , about 250m before the school. Now since I have moved 250m towards the school, instead of going back, I walk forward for about 200m, turn right for 300m, then turn right again (ie back) and walk for 300m and finally reach store. It means to walk a little more. But thankfully, no acquaintances were met in front of the school or on the opposite road. It is said that truth is never suppressed, but believe me, it would have been true until today, if I had not confessed my mistake to you today.
(End of second episode)
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