To the person reading this
I hope you are doing okay. You are not reading this by accident. Whoever is reading this ,I hope you are holding up good. Life has been hard and cruel up till now . It’s really excruciating and mentally exhausting to deal with everything. I-don’t know if anyone has ever said this to you but I am really proud of you . I know hearing this from a stranger may seem strange , knowing that I don’t even know all the burdens that you carry and all the traumatic stuff you have been through but I am really proud of you . I hope you are proud of yourself because you have been fighting all this pain and sadness by yourself. No one knows your battle and like a strong warrior you are , you always make it . It is completely okay if you feel like that aren’t currently able to make it because look at yourself, you are still here .Going through the process is such a difficult thing. Despite having all the sadness and pain this world is showering you with , You are still standing tall .The universe wants me to let you know that it’s proud of you . Every celestial being is cheering for you behind the curtain . Please never let go of hope . Please never compare your pain with someone else , it doesn’t matter if you are 3 feet under or the other is 6 feet under because in the end we all are drowning.
This world has two sides to offer,one being pain and the other love. I hope your experience love the most :)
© @cupcake