She screeched for there was a breach
An intruder was in her home,
She couldn’t see him for it was pitch black
She never thought it was her drunk husband
As he got closer she couldn’t make up his image to be less than an intruder.

He rushed towards her, the closest thing to her was a knife she stabbed and stabbed 13 times she did it until he had bleed to death, the sirens were heard the police arrived to be welcomed by a lifeless body, blood all over the bedroom floor and his wife crying in the Corner with the weapon.

They took her in and she was interrogated by them
In her claim it was self defence and she never met to stab her husband,
She was kept in the station
Until she was let to roam free.

Her husband was such a powerful and respected Mafia in the country,
That the investigation was carried out
By the top investigators in the country..
But As they returned to the scene they were perplexed by what the discovered....

Was it really self defence or a murder?

© Poetic Neighborhood