Life in the Forest

Walking in the forest night
The forest closes on me tight.
I can’t see, there is no light.
How can we find which way’s right?

We must put trust in what we know
And decide which way to go.
Listen, if we cannot see.
The ring of truth we can decree.

So in the forest of your life
As you walk, they’ll be some strife.
But even blind folks make it through.
They listen, then know what to do.

So take some time to truly listen.
Then your life might truly glisten.
Assume a sacred lifetime mission.
You’ll become like your decisions!

So decide to try to find.
A lighted path that has design
It will lead you lovingly.
To understand reality.

Reality’s not good or bad.
It just is, so don’t be mad.
Accept, adapt, and then relate.
Evolve, so you anticipate.

Gratitude will soon develop.
If in life, you do envelop
An attitude of faith and trust.
God’s plans, for you are most robust!
© Paul Anderson

© All Rights Reserved