Building Myself
Building conscious strength from the inside out. Moving layers of commitment within a specific spot. A space where faithfulness will obey one simple command. Willingness to reappear when it's applied, raising energy whenever it can. Relying upon intuition, my endless cornerstone, cementing my eternal thoughts. Constructing an imaginary castle, not with bricks alone, with conscious energy, stored inside the third eyes loft. Therefore, I will invest in the unseen, preparing stronger beliefs. Believing a superior conscience greater than myself. While building levels of spiritual wealth. Not with paper currency or golden coins. With increasing fascination. Always exploring wonderful. Appreciating nature's beautiful bounty. Synchronizing energy. While faith builds interesting patterns inside. Seen in the contour of my mirroring eyes. My love has an obvious connection with faith. Explained as if it's mysterious. Imaginary and allusive. Unacceptable, disconnected from logical thoughts. However, the choice shall always be mine. Faith reigns supreme. Totally committed to the unseen. Building myself
© Daniel Mason