Into his eyes
The client flow in our grocery store was clearing and the busy day was coming to an end.I pat my sister's shoulder and showed her my wrist watch a gesture that time was not on our side.

I lifted my head to look at the client she was serving because i had an instinct he was watching me since he got in the store.His eyes were warm and seductive and i felt goose pumps rise in my skin as he looked at me as if he was reading my mind.

I changed my gaze and held my book which covered my whole face and wished he could leave the store immedietly.Someone would think that i was reading but my thought were stuck in theis stranger who was so goodlooking.I sighed in relief and put my book away when i heard his footsteps walk out of my presence.

I saw him drop a card as he vanished in the darkness.I asked my sister if she had noticed something with the stranger but she absently told me that he was just a customer.I was relieved my sister never saw the chemistry between us because she would have rediculed me.

I picked his card carefully and put it my bag.As i drove my sister to her apartment,i couldn't wait to be alone and call the stranger,ask his name and know if he felt the same way for me as i did.

His voice was so deep and sweet, and after learning that he was living a few kilometers away from my apartment,i wanted to meet him in person.I passed at my favorite candy shop and later drove home.

I looked through my window before i opened my door to someone who had just rang.It was the stranger,he was tall and lean,he was even more attractive than before.His alluring eyes shone brightly at me.Ihugged the stranger so warmly and i was forever going to look into his eyes.

© purity ndinda